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I'm not sure Dolo and Clark are on Bradley's 16-18 for sure. I'd like to think Dolo is, Clark has only played once in the past 5 months or so.
Anyone want to predict who will have a brighter future of the two major youth callups for MLS this year, Agudelo or Najar?
He went to high school in Virginia and is still only 17. However, if he still uses a translator then US Citizenship might not be high biggest priority.
3. Even though they used a lot of bench players, it's still a real match, not a friendly.
It is a bit weird that this game is only broadcast on Telefutura. Which also means it's not even on Matchday Live. That's a decision I can't understand.
Can't wait for the first Rowdies home game. It's too bad the feed was down for this one, I had looked forward to watching.
I saw much more diving overall in that game than I would have liked and much more hacking-type fouls than I would have liked. I think we can all agree on that. However, as far as the play in question goes, it was definitely a foul. It was not Stahl's fault that his teammate (Myrie again if I'm not mistaken) made a terrible sliding challenge on the ball and should have received the yellow instead. Ljungberg was also hurt as a result of the foul whether he was kneed on the back or tweaked it on the tough fall as a result of the bad challenge. You never know when just a little something can go wrong on a fall that 98% of the time the player will get back up from. Either way, I don't think he dove there.
First half thoughts: Very good individual play by NYRB. Even without the goal, Lindpere has been solid, and Tim Ream might have been the best player on the pitch that half. And partly because of Ream... Each team's secondary striker (Nyarko and Kandji) have been black holes for the ball. Transitions have been fun to watch with lots of back and forth action, but play in the final 3rd has just been ugly. I think it says a lot about the quality of MLS defenders vs MLS attackers because it seems to be like this more often than not. The RB Arena looks great, though. Would love to see it more full
Anyone else having trouble with espn360? The new window comes up but nothing loads inside it.
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Mar 22, 2010