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Gayla Thompson
Educator and advocate of vocational education programs in urban high schools.
Interests: travel, photography, anthropology, urban schools, educational trends, public schools
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Mar 15, 2010
Janet, you make a very good point in noting the amount of time spent on professional development and/or meetings for teachers covering all kinds of topics, except of course, technology. And as the technology chairperson of your school, it must be challenging to find creative ways to sneak it without the teachers feeling as if they are bound to yet another meeting. Please feel free to share any ideas that may be working well in your school, as technology in education is our future!
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What phrase is abuzz in the world of education? “Technology in the classroom.” Everyone is scrambling to find ways to fund their school districts or buildings with new technology for students and teachers. Some schools reach out to their communities and form alliances with businesses to help supply classrooms with new computers or projectors. Other districts have teachers working late, after school, in the evenings, and on the weekends without compensation writing Perkins grants to receive monies for new technologies. Principals and superintendents enjoy to bragging about how advanced their campuses are and how it will positively affect their students... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2009 at Gayla Thompson's Blog
I would be a chimpanzee, and not just any chimpanzee, but one of Flo's offspring in Tanzania. I would explore the forest, swing from the trees, and lounge around while the little ones play.
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