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Actually I wanted to reply to this because, somehow, I just found this derping around on the internet, from, of all places, the xkcd blag: This is actually a comparison in various units of various types of radiation. Using that, and the chart linked on the link in the article, with comparison, one may be able to determine the amount of radiation you're supposedly receiving. Also, in reply to Luke M: I agree, that would work if we modeled our system on the Israelis full system, instead of modeling it on their "we think you're a terrorist because you said bomb and allah while we asked you about your plans" system. In reply to Sqlrob: That's quite a different question indeed, and one that should be more deeply looked into.
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So Wil, I must reply to this with the following: I agree with you. That being said, much of the rest of the world goes through highly invasive security screenings to board aircraft (ask Israel about their experiences). That being said, the amount of radiation you receive from those scanners is actually not all that bad. Everyone is scared of Radiation, but did you realize that as Americans we receive 8 times as much background radiation as some other locations on this planet? Everything is radioactive to a degree, we just don't measure some of the tiniest levels. Keep in mind that a lot of times when you hear how horrible radiation is from something, a lot of times that's people who don't know how much radiation their own body is giving them. (hint, there's an element in your body that is 1000x more radioactive than Uranium - but it's in such a small quantity that it's not even noticeable.) So I suggest if you're significantly concerned about the government's claims of safety, do a bit more research on the actual REM count of an X-Ray and post your findings here. The link you posted indicated a dose REM of 0.72.
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This is awesome, but Pedobear doesn't go after the boys, so it's not quite accurate. Still funny.
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