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Indie card game designer extraordinaire
Interests: Making the customizable card game Geek Fight and meeting all of the players.
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I tend to go unplugged at work, and I occasionally take a day or two a week to just set the computer down. It is tough when running an online business, but it is worth it for my sanity. I guess the fact that you have been going unplugged is the reason you are nigh impossible to reach. Oh well, I'll keep trying. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2010 on on the benefits of being unplugged at WWdN: In Exile
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Hmmm... is that a D100 I see tucked away in the back? It seems someone does not know how to roll 2 D10. :P I am still trying to find my lowly D20 in the ocean o' dice. It was great meeting you at GenCon. I just want to let you know that the Gaming Monkey card we talked about is almost ready (art done, but the mockup is a few days late). I wish you were easier to reach. That way I could tell you about our progress without hijacking a germane blog post. :)
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I just downloaded and donated. When I have a little free time I will give it a read. I was actually wanting to do something akin to this with the Gaming Monkey card. The art is in, and we should have a mock up in a couple of days.
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Great reading! FYI The art for the Gaming Monkey Geek Fight card should be coming in tonight. The artist is providing two versions, and I would like your opinion.
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If you want, I can ship you some copies when they are finished (P.O. box is fine). Also, what info do you want in the ad block on the side? Just email me that info when you have time (if you can still find my business card amongst all of your swag). If you need my email again, just let me know.
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I think it was very kind of you to sign items that people brought themselves for free. I will cherish that dice bag. In other news, the Gaming Monkey card for Geek Fight is pretty much finished. We just need the art and we can send it to the printer (it will be a foil card). Thanks for letting us use the idea.
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Aug 9, 2010