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Most of the things you said on this article are correct. But the most important thing is that "Duh-ness" of the interviewer. Recently at an interview, I was asked "I have an insanely huge log that contains IP and timestamp of all the people who logged in to my site, I want to find the first one who never returned". I gave answer 'A' which was doing o(n) using HashMap. The interviewer wanted answer 'B' which was doing o(n) using BitMap array. I was rejected because I did not give exact answer that the interviewer knew. Also, I was asked a question "Would you write multi-threaded programs on a single-processor system ? " - The question itself is wrong and shows the level of the interviewer. I said so to the interviewer who had a fake US accent. Needless to say that I was rejected both the times.
Posted Nov 17, 2009 at the-geek
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Nov 17, 2009