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Dave Mitchard
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My Rules Lawyer story comes from a Nascrag playtest a few years back. We run as many playtests as possible before GenCon so that things run smoothly at the actual convention. This story took place in the final battle, where our heros had been miniaturized and sent inside the young Prince to defeat the magical virus with which he had been infected. The battle had two parts, in one part the PCs had to fight a holding action against the rapidly reproducing virus, in the other they had to decode the DNA of the virus which was encoded in a sodoku grid (of course!). The idea was that the ongoing fight would add urgency to the solving of the puzzle. The RL, a player mind you, looked over the situation and insisted that since D+D 3.5 combat rounds were only 6 seconds long, that the players involved in solving the sodoku only be allowed to view the puzzle for 6 seconds per round! OK, so technically he was right. But, it so MISSED the spirit of the encounter that he was roundly overruled. He's a great guy by the way. Just incredibly detail oriented.
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Too awesome! I'm looking forward to meeting you, Wil. I've got to figure out what I want to get autographed. If you really want to experience True Dungeon you should make the run with my group. We have a guy who is a hard-core True Dungeon token collector. When we do TD, we each have an inch-thick binder of all the top-end equipment. If you're interested we've got an extra ticket. We also run a D+D tournament - Nascrag - and we'd love to have you play with us. We have crazy fun. Real roleplaying with lot's of humor and puzzles and stuff. We also have Elite Game Master Doug Douglason from Fear of Girls. (OK, technically we have Tom Lommel, the guy who plays Doug-doug, but that's splitting hairs.) Doh! Somebody already mentioned Nascrag.
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May 27, 2010