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I think the title is a bit misleading. The group checked only one health benefit (insulin sensitivity), not all benefits of exercise. They showed that body's ROS defense is turned off when antioxidants are given (and that is what should happen. if there are no free radicals, the defense proteins are not needed) and hypothesized that this is why insulin sensitivity did not increase. They support this with the "Small dose of a bad thing can be good" argument. (this is not limited to free radicals by the way. I remember that some research was done on protective effect of low dose ionizing radiation on the genomic integrity a while ago.) So, I believe more research is needed on the subject before making such a broad conclusion. Antioxidants might be bad if you are trying to increase your insulin sensitivity, but might be good in other aspects. (by the way, this comes from a guy who doesn't use any supplements. So, no conflict of interest)