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Patrick Gentry1986
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So Fred finally suspended his crusade against the LDS Church . . . oops I mean campaign for President of the LDS Church . . . oops I meant for President of the United States of America. It shows how low LGBT will sink to promote a terrible human being like Fred Karger whom spread a hate message filled with lies in order to get himself attention. Does it tell you guys anything that he lost his electoral website domain because he was violating his contract with the domain host by posting fraudulent data and materials against the LDS Church (the contract specifically said the sites were to be used for factual information about his campaign only). Kager is a hate monger and a hypocrite, of course that means he fits right in with GLBT since that is how GLBT organizations across the nation are run, by hate mongering and hypocrisy.
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@ Jarret Terrill If there is any Republican regardless of orientation that wants to vote of Obama then they are not a Republican but a RINO, and on top of that quite naive. Obama is still against gay marriage just as he is still deporting more illegals than any other administration in US history. The press conferences are simply more lies to get you simple minded sheep in line because Obama knows that come November that he is going to get a pink slip from the American Public.
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Jun 30, 2012