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Alex, In many cases you will get greater and more immediate gains by changing the order to Priorities, People, Execution. Following on your statement "...or worse, focusing on an initiative that the business does not deem as critical? Not a good idea to put the cart in front of the horse..." Catalogue the projects, define go/no go criteria (alignment, profit, customer satisfaction or whatever the criteria are), do the analysis and cut the fat. Now you can look at the people and what they can do and then, as you state, the last part is the detailed execution tuning. Thoughts?
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2008 on Where do you start with PPM? at PPM Perspectives
Derek, I am in complete agreement with you that Product Managers need to have a well documented decision making process that is available and visible to anyone who cares to look. I'll add that other parts of the organization also need this for the very same reasons you state. I don't see a link in your comment to your simple business value estimating tool. I'm interested in seeing it if you can provide the link. -Geoff
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2008 on How Large? at PPM Perspectives