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Great post Andrew, I especially like the point you made in your third recommendation... “I don’t believe becoming a social enterprise is a marketing function. It’s a business function that crosses all silos and departments.” ...My two cents: I think this will be extremely important moving forward, especially in light of google’s new social web strategy. I believe the most effective way to go about developing a social media strategy is to take a systems based approach to defining the organization's social web ecosystem. I also think this should be done in close collaboration with HR. Considering each employee, both existing and prospective, curate their own “social networks,” HR policies should be put in place bearing that in mind. — Organizations that view “social media” as a communication channels in the context of their entire social web ecosystem and invest accordingly will have a competitive advantage. — Side tangent: I do think Facebook is a valuable communication channel for companies that sell B2B. That said, I don’t think it should be viewed as a sales channel. Instead it should be viewed as a tool in said company’s CRM arsenal, and only explored once other tools have sufficiently been leveraged. — Cheers ps: Here is a website I've found useful:
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Jan 26, 2012