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George Levy
New York City
Very Happy Husband. VP Online Marketing WOBI @wobi_en | Organizers of World Business Forum & World Innovation Forum. Breakthrough Digital Marketing Expert.
Interests: marriage, digital marketing, mobile, internet, technology, innovation
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Love this post. My wife and I lived in San Francisco for over a year while I was on a consulting gig and I loved going to the Boudin Bakery. There is something magical about that place and being able to step out of the 21st century to enjoy a piece their delicious bread. I had never heard the story of the horsedrawn carts and as I read it, my 21st century mind was rolling around in my head other different reasons such as "the customers would find the automobile non-authentic" (then again, "non-authentic as compared to what?"), the automobile requires special training of the delivery boys (and a driver's license? Did they even have those back then?) - anyway, this was a lot of fun and very insightful. Thank you for writing and publishing it!
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Excellent article and wonderful selection of images (makes the whole piece a delight to read.) Your post does an excellent job of putting design thinking into perspective and brings to light the lack of focus on it in current professional education methods. As I become more interested in the topic, I find myself often wishing I were better able to effectively communicate the interdependencies between the elements in a strategy or a business... I assume being trained in design thinking would help relay the "big picture" more effectively. The one thing that I wonder is, just as when people communicate in a different language, does this "Design Thinking" way of relaying concepts work for both sides of a communication? In other words, would communicating an idea using design thinking also open the possibility that the receiving party may not understand what is being presented - unless that person is also trained in design thinking?
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May 10, 2011