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Here is an actual news release from a Ca relative to SONGS. It shows the mass mentality against nuclear: Chryssa Atkinson, 51, the mother of two teenagers, said her son liked to surf near San Onofre. Like many other surfers, he insisted the water — which the nuclear plant used to cool the reactors — was warmer than at nearby beaches. “I was not a fan,” Ms. Atkinson said. “I’d tell him, ‘Yes, the water is warmer, but you didn’t have that tail before you went in.’ ” But now, for the first time, she doesn’t mind her children surfing near the power plant. “Now that it’s closed, I tell them, ‘Sure, go for it.’ ”
@engineer poet @Kit P @DaveMart Interesting how Sean has that California mentality about Nuclear. It's bad, bad, bad. If someone gets more than one dental X Rays dose of radiation we must shut the Nuclear plant down. Ca doesn't seem to mind buying electricity from our (Arizona's) nice clean Palo Verde Nuclear power plant, but they wave flags because they are so thrilled that that horrible SONGS plant will be shut down. Not because of the steam generator but because the utility didn't have the political will to fight back against the public's ill conceived notions about Nuclear Power. Well you guys in Ca can just burn gas instead. But back on topic. I think the way the EPA is doing these limits is unfair to nuclear. There should be a linear scale on how much you pay for emitting CO2. Just because your under 1000 should not mean you don't have to pay. All this does is make the utilities put in combined cycle and burn gas as opposed to Nuclear. Carbon credit system or just a plain CO2 tax would be a much more fair way to do it.
Hi Herm and Dave. Could Herm please explain the specs on this thing. When in V2H mode the input is 140-450VDC The input current range is: DC 0-30A Single-phase three-wire system (AC 100V x two-phase) How is : "Single-phase three-wire system (AC 100V x two-phase)" DC??????? Thx, GSB
Yes ai vin it adds new meaning to computer aided drafting:)
I remember an article about this in the past where they showed how much gas savings one could get as a function of the number of vehicles and the spacing. It was a fairly strong function of vehicle spacing. at bumper to bumper for 4 vehicles one could achieve 20% reduction in fuel consumption. at 1 vehicle length spacing the benefit had fallen to 10%. I wonder how this would be implemented. For example, if I was driving by myself and saw a train could I ask permission and link up?? This seems like a viable concept. I like it.
Alex Quote: "If carbon dioxide is that much of a problem, why not use at least some degree of hybrid-electric functionality on ALL cars?" If you replace "Carbon Dioxide" with "Cycle efficiency" I think it would be a better statement.
Exdemo quote: "There definitely is room also, for the second generation dual-mode transmission, which has been further downsized making it applicable for autos, including both a FWD and RWD alternative. It would make a wonderful drivetrain for the Lambda Enclave." I think it's the Saturn 2 mode. One less pg set and scaled in a smaller package. Wish I could remember the trans designations/model#.The little 2 mode is what gm "tweeked" to make the Volt transmission.
Kelly, thx for the article. looks like they are still planning to continue making it.
Very interesting Li battery. 0.5kwh w/ 15 KW peak output. That's 30C pretty good....but if the battery is 0.5 kwh and they only use 20%??? Doesn't sound right since that's only 0.1 kwh usable. Water cooled induction motor!! nice
PS I'm very anxious to see what the 2 mode can do (MPG wise) in Chevy's upcoming redesigned (lightened and aerodymic) pick up.
I'm sorry but I can't get too excited about MILD hybrid technology. You just can't beat GM's 2 mode Hybrid system used in their truck and Tahoe. The 2 mode transmission makes the Prius setup look like child's play. It has THREE planetary gear sets, 2 MG's, 4 clutches, and 4 shafts. A mechanical engineer's dream come true. The 2 mode nearly doubles the MPG of the non hybrid versions. Does it pay for itself?? Who cares. It's the trickest tech in town!!
Wow, that's one trick ICE. I wonder what cycle efficiency they can get??
Interesting graph. A result I probably would not have guessed. The reduction in fuel consumption is strongest between 0 and 1 meter separation distance. I would have expected it to be a function of spacing but would have thought by the time you were down to the 1 meter range there would be diminishing returns as you would easily be within the separation zone of the vehicle in front of you. The curve also shows the highest variability to vehicle shape at close distances which again seems counter intuitive to me. Oh well. That's why they ran the test. Air is a very fickle fluid.
I'm certainly no expert on V2G but I enjoy reading the discussions about it. It seems most of the first reactions are that it is dumb since all you are doing is wearing out your battery by cycling it more. However, things are not necessarily as they appear at first glance. Something tells me V2G is a good idea....just not sure what tips the scales.
Thx DaveD. Interesting that it's called a discount rate. Kind of like when I take a credit card and then have to pay the bank it's discount rate. Doesn't seem much like a discount does it.
Good discussion. Would one of you guys mind explaining the term "discount rate"?? Thx- GSB
GE's Natural Gas combined cycle plants have a cycle efficiency pushing 68%. This is where we need the push. Also Honda's NG cars already in production offer a low cost alt to gasoline for people w/ NG to their house. The US needs to run a parallel effort w/ electric cars which includes NG for both transportation and electrical power generation.
EP, for 42K I want Prius MPG and 40 mile AER. JMO--I have an 80 mile round trip. 74 MPG overall is not worth the extra $ (for me anyway)
Found it:
Harvey, I think they said that it is basically a stock diesel engine so one would think it also has the beefed up block and head also. Sounds interesting though, another 20% in cycle eta would get the Volt to around 46 MPG. I swear Bob Lutz is involved in this company now I will have to go back and review.--GSB
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Oct 28, 2010