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Sir I can only HOPE they keep it that simple BUT it is a game. The latest insider trading scandals that Breitbart dumped on the congress is interesting. Pelosi was ambushed and looked like a deer in the headlights. Let the Tax cuts expire and PELOSI EXPIRE and John Dennis take her place. I am a Hippie saying this. I am a hippie who also thinks that Colin Powell has what it takes to be the NEXT IKE. PEACE
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I completely didn't include the fact that Writing simple code for a simple cause can make something happen.Individuals that have a hard time with team work and politics may have much to offer and will never have the opportunity unless they capitulate or do it themseleves.Ideas can be under an orginizations nose and they are not letting that individual be part of designing.I was a production tech and software engineer in a Production setting.I worked on analog to digital interface design and had ideas but they were never taken seious.I wanted more,This was Meyer Sound also and Paul Kohut was in charge and even though a HIPPIE owned the company and grandfathered a couple hippies in The head engineer played the education ticket and breeding ticket AT MEYER SOUND.Because of politics and breeding they WILL NOT NOTICE even at Meyer Sound.Better have a PHD or at least a Masters degree.THere are many who have simple degrees and Certificates(LIKE ME)I had a simple job writing code for analog to digital interfaces mostly Assembly language and some Pascal at the time so it was compatible coding and then I want to be a simple part of the design team and I find it is ALL or Nothing.Stress can be a factor quick when you are constantly having to live up to someone elses expectations of you.I left them and went back to construction for a few years and now I am back learning a kind of subroutines and such for Java and Java script and am finding it actually enjoyable even though I am not rich.I am now going to use it for a non profit and that will be fullfiling,screw Brown nosing and STATUS and all that other crap that I honestly ran from.I could not stand the HIERARCHY everywhere I went.Business at such a Large scale Never seems simple and inclusive with few exceptions like GOOGLE,Durie Tangri(attorneys),Facebook,and some other internet companies THAT GET IT and they MINE their ranks for talent and even SCHOOL them before outsourcing or hiring contractors thus pissing off long term(less educated) employees when they feel overlooked.Then SOME of the Old School thinkers can be stuck in an exclusive RUT.These corporations are wondering why there are so many stress claims and they are outsourcing so much Labor.DUH!!THey are ALSO wondering why there has not been many start ups DOUBLE DUH DUH!!Start ups now better have an educated line up with a proven nbusiness model or no risk will be taken.Steve WOZ and Mr Jobs would have been blown out of their Garage now in this climate and APPLE never born,thank goodness they were funded.That was SIMPLE start up and repeating this has not become the NORM.America got out of the Engineer making business and other countries took notes well and are now making sacrifices that will have a pay off.These countries MINE their best minds and they cultivate these future inventors and educate them. I say once AGAIN talent is in some very obscure places.I KNOW there is Talent being wasted on the streets.There are a few rebel coders out here and old analog dogs who have IDEAS and no RESOURCES. Read thanks GOD BLESS ALL
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I am a Homeless Disabled Veteran with many years of work experience.I became ill and am now better.I am now trying to start a non profit with some associates and we find that even with solid Best Practices ideas it will take Public Relations and plenty of Political E-Bombardment.This site has given me some more ideas on just how to approach the facebook and You Tube part of our PR Stunt.Yes breeding and money means much when it comes to a head start.I was the second in my family to graduate from college.My Uncle Maurice Lim Miller being the other one.He is on many foundations but it still will take a solid proposal sent to THe Hatachi Foundation or The other foundations we plan to solicit.We also plan to really go after sponsors to get Homeless Working.Google This: John Joebee Homeless in SF ..Read about THe Unknown Homeless that are there every day in The Financial district.or all the homeless are the same some want redemption and to be productive,THey are the ones that will build Laughway House.That is Laughway House by implication we are going to work for the walls and a roof and the foundation will be the credibility we earn.A sponsored homeless work Kiosk where the Trans Bay project is on Beale street where the homeless encampment is.What a PR Boon it can be with the right You Tube exposure and a Press Release of THe Unknown Homeless Man seen in The financial district and then a fe homeless with the Bags just like THe Unknown Comic miliking The Public Relations and eventually obtaining a sponsor.Seems simple enough.LOL
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One Latte and a Clip of ammo to go please.Will the criminals follow this rule,HELL NO.I feel the registered owners are legal and should not be an issue.I am a veteran however who does not like irresponsible gun owners who have not even fired the weapon in a range to get the feel.I am for responsible owners only but that is not always reality.Thugs will be thugs and they like GUNS.
I will never really see these cancer spreading morons being ethical.I am a cannabis user who can't stand BLUNTS eiher.Tobacco is useless and dangerous.I do not use bad manners when I take single HITS and blow the smoke away from other people who may not like the smell.The day a cigarette smoker has the same manners as I do,will never come.They can wrote all the excuses and BS they want bottom line is CIGARETTES STINK LIKE BURNING CRAP.You smokers need to use manners and respect then maybe you might gain a little respect.When I request A smoker to stop outside The Starbucks on Jackson st in San Francisco he ignored me and then he set the cigarette down to use the bathroom and I poured HIS drink on HIS cigarette and then watched HIM whine like a little snit.NYUK NYUK I will do it Again and take no crap I know the law and I WILL ENFORCE IT and THATS THAT DOOFUS.
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Mar 25, 2010