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Bullying at school, particularly when acute and ongoing, never leaves you. At 42 years of age I still wake up sweating at the memory of being backed into a wall by a dozen teens and beaten, only to look up during the ordeal and see a teacher standing there watching while he ate his lunch. One of many horrific encounters. Teachers and administrators (here in Australia) are more tied up than ever by a bureaucracy that insists they look to the 'healing' of the bully rather than the protection of the victim. When one of my kids ran afoul of a bully, the only thing that worked was facing up to the principal and making him understand that my child would not have a problem again or the police & lawyers would be called. It is amazing how well the school worked at fixing the problem after that. No surprise that kids are taking or attempting to take their lives. No surprise either when I hear that a parent has been arrested for taking more direct action to protect their kids. Solutions should be weighted toward helping the victims first, THEN working with the bully.
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May 27, 2010