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I read...I play...I blow things up
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Make sure you mention the AAFES issues. Thats the name for the stores the military runs overseas for us. They distribute them through there and usually leave a bunch in the chow halls.
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What you should try to get your hands on, and I wish i had brought some of these home from Afghanistan with me, are the one off issues that Marvel makes and sends to soldiers overseas. Every month on my FOB we'd get a box of these sent to us and they'd disappear almost as fast. Sure they were campy in the extreme (cant have sad stories for the soldiers) but it was a little piece of home when there was no comic shop around for miles.
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And of course, the publisher is some no-name company....well they have a name. Bad Apple Books...gee that seems fitting for her.
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Ah if only you were doing this somewhere in New England...sometime after November when I can legally sit in a bar and drink.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2009 on reminder: book and a beer tonight at WWdN: In Exile
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