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Michael Gilbert
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I hate TypePad. I wrote something longer and it seems to have been eaten when I hit "Preview". Apologies in advance if I double-post. I'm a Devils fan, so you can understand if I'm not happy right now. Still, the Kings clearly earned their success this year. So, congratulations. I remember feeling this way in 1995 - I couldn't believe it ever happened, given how bad the Devils had been before 1994, especially in their previous incarnations in Colorado and KC. I grew up in southern NJ, so was a Flyers fan back in the days when you had Dionne, Taylor, and Vachon. I remember them winning the Cup in 1974 and 1975, but was too young to really undestand the impact. Savor the feeling as the summer will be shorter than you think, and everyone will be gunning for you in the fall. And it warms my heart greatly to see rangers fans like John Simpson who look to NJ jealously because of the 3 Cups we've won recently. Soon enough the "1940" chants will be replaced with "1994". :-D
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Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2012 on GO KINGS GO!! at WWdN: In Exile
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Awesome labels, and good luck with the brew. And definintely props on the posting title, although an odd choice of song considering that you were brewing with your son!
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Jun 13, 2010