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Ginny Crandall
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I couldn't agree with you more. The last company that I worked for provided me with a computer that had two monitors and it was perfect for running all the reports (I was a data analyst). At my new place, though, the company is a start up and doesn't have the means to provide me with a dual monitor system. I miss having my double system! At any rate, I feel like I'm in a progression puzzle now, trying to figure out how to make everything fit!
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Wow. Good for him. I really appreciate what John is doing. In this time of so much confusion, military-wise, and with so much backlash because of what our presidents have done, I think we have forgotten that it is still important to honor those that defend our nation. Good work, guys.
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I've heard a lot of great things about murder mystery party games, but have never been so fortunate as to have gone to one or put one on myself. I've seen some good ones at . It's almost Halloween, maybe I should do one myself!
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Sep 22, 2010