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perk is still out injured. had sports hernia surgery i believe.
someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe part of the de bruyne deal is that genk keep him through the end of the current season. as per olympic qualifying, greg seltzer has brought to light that there is a clause in his contract allowing releases for olympic qualifying and that clause would be transferred to any new club he signed for.
if memory serves correctly, it was b/c he was willing to take a lower, developmental deal (not GA) and the others weren't.
as a galaxy fan, this absolutely breaks my heart. this is like finding out your gf has been cheating on you for months and you had no idea. the kid was still raw, but was fast and fearless - a combo only donovan has. huge upside. he was absolutely a fan favorite. this hit me hard. addition of hejduk for sassano might make us the oldest team in the league?
i thought you might have been missing a pick in the live commentary and i checked - vancouver took john thorrington with the last pick.
thank you guys both ^ for 1. asking the question 2. having an answer. i've been wondering ever since that whole mess went down.
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Sep 29, 2010