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Wow. I'm amazed I didn't know this before. I went through a pretty serious discovery of a nasty gluten-intolerance about 2 years ago. Although I technically tested negative for Celiac antibodies (and the microbiologist in me knows how not great that test is) I immediately went gluten-free and have never felt better. Being a scientist, I also help educate those I meet and have gotten really, really into the science of gluten-free baking. Actually, my blog contains a number of interesting food hacks for gluten-free audiences and you should let your mom/sister and anyone else know because I've been told my recipes are quite good. I recently made myself a red velvet cake for my birthday that was to die for, gluten-free or not. Anyway, here are my recipes I will definitely be visiting your mom's site and promoting it through my gluten-free community, which interestingly enough overlaps pretty well with my Star Trek loving community ... who knew. Thanks for spreading awareness! Rosalind Girls Are Geeks
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You know. I love to read your recaps of things, because even though I was across the country, you make it seem like I was there. Molly seems awesome, and I wish I could see her. East coast please! Rosalind Girls Are Geeks
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Everything is a good excuse for Bon Jovi, I almost sang that at Karaoke last night, but had to be a big girl and go to bed. Playing Rock Band with friends tomorrow though, so will definitely be with you in spirit there (but really in PA, yuck).
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I love your wife, Wil. I'm a reasonably geeky girl who married an even geekier guy, and it has totally pulled out the geek in me. It's actually at the point where I've created a Girls Are Geeks blog to help reconcile being a woman and being a geek, and we at the blog think Ann is awesome. You too, of course. As for geek fitness and achievements and such, me and my husband are avid don't-want-to-be-fat-anymore-ers, and I use Wii Fit because the cute little balance board asking me why I gained a few a pounds is good motivation not to, and my husband uses Nike Plus with his iPod touch which gives him stats and levels. I'm considering putting together a dice related workout for my blog though! BTW - Maybe Ann would like our blog, you should find out! It was inspired by PAX East. Girls Are Geeks
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May 4, 2010