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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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BenE 754pm - Don't know who are the "Fab Five" and what they believe. My belief in self determination is a bit more parochial, narrow, and less acceptable to the liberal mind. I am an American, and believe that my country is truly unique and exceptional - overall it has been a blessing to mankind for 200+ years. I believe in self determination for America. I also believe in self determination for other nations, but only to the extent that their exercise of that determination does not impede ours.
PaulE 619pm - by my lights, yes they do have the same requirements to assimilate when they are off the res. If they don't want to be American citizens, then stay on the res. There is a cost to not having invented the wheel, a written language, joining with other tribes into regional jurisdictions, etc, etc. Conquered primitives have always paid a price when coming in contact with superior cultures. My Estonian ancestors took it in the shorts for seven centuries when they were conquered by Germany's Teutonic Knights. We weren't even smart enough to ask for reparations, or maybe too smart to have avoided being laughed at. (There, that should have touched a bunch of liberal hot buttons.)
DonB 504pm - I bet they offer this IT guy immunity if he sings his heart out. He's a small fry who can finger some pretty big fish if they told him to embed content modifying routines (which he easily could have done) for the files (like emails) that passed through the server. Stand by for some excitement here.
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re Jon's 244pm - For the interested reader, note that Jon has not addressed the points of 'assimilation' or 'overarching American culture'. In a monologue with himself, in vacuo he trots out the shibboleth, "Its great we have a rich tapestry of cultures in this country. God life would be boring eating white bread and hamburgers every day." In actuality, it is horrible to have such a "rich tapestry" absent an overarching culture. But to a liberal globalist, that is as far as they want to go with that argument. If his readers are gruberized, then their tacit assumption is that such a rich tapestry exists today, as it did in the past (that Jon wants us to get over with), under an overarching American culture into which immigrants continue to assimilate. Sadly that no longer is true.
Jon 1200pm - just noticed your exhortation to Walt. Actually, the sum and stuff of RR is deeply rooted in considering where we have been, where we now are, and where we are apparently headed. What "gets old" in these comment streams are the know-nothing and history-free remarks from readers who cannot join in a discussion that coheres the past with the present. Understanding the past with its successes and foibles allows us to evaluate the present and the seemingly inevitable futures to which our elites are trying guide us. Those who do know the past can offer alternative ways forward about which the know-nothings are innocent.
Walt 147pm - I didn't read that Paul claimed grandma became a citizen. There was never a requirement for English proficiency to legally immigrate into the US. No one in my family spoke English when we got off the boat in 1949, but we all had to be English literate as part of our citizenship requirements. (I was literate in 6 months, mom and dad took a mite longer since they worked at jobs where conversation was frowned upon.) And yes, a minimal English proficiency and basic US govt knowledge is still a prerequisite for becoming an American. Finally, an immigrant can be fluent in English, live in the US, and still not have to assimilate, which means to evince the visible traits of the host country's culture when in public.
In the meanwhile, we are not the first to walk this road to national destruction. We are following the failed and floundering.
PaulE 950am - During the country's swing to the left over the last half century, the denigration of America's traditional culture has shifted into high gear. Before that there was no need for a "culture assimilation test" (who are you quoting?), acculturation occurred naturally because American culture was in your face wherever you went (I experienced this directly). But not so today. To answer you, I have not proposed any such process of assimilation testing (again you have me confused with others). Furthermore, I know of no such assimilation tests that can or should be administered in a putatively still liberal country like ours. Assimilation is a natural social process. But our enquiry should be 'assimilation into what?'. Assimilation always occurs to one extent or another. When America had a prominent public culture, that question answered itself. Today we have no such culture, and whatever vestiges of it remain are actively suppressed by the Left and the educational institutions it controls. So today's 'target culture', if we can call it that, is a potpourri of cultures in various states of demise that present newcomers with an amalgam of cultural chaos that has no clear or inviting direction. Their natural response, for the reasons explained in my commentary, is to then join the closest one, or if the numbers are sufficient, start an enclave of their own. While this provides topical comfort, on the national scale it contributes to the general disintegration. And that is a prime indicator that we are well beyond the tipping point for being able to revive any semblance of a unified national culture that can be traced to anything American save its geography. The thrust of collectivism worldwide is toward a new centrally planned and enforced global culture that is in the making.
PaulE 916am - I'm not sure that ToddJ was referring to the many isolated cases of individuals, mostly elderly, living within the confines of their immigrant families. I knew several elderly Estonians, all legally here, who never bothered to assimilate. Their lives were lived out within the confines of their family's social circle and occasional visits to the local Estonian House if one was nearby. What I am referring to in the EU case are large insular communities of aliens embedded in the midst of stable indigenous cultures that work to undermine the traditional social order with their demand for services, legalization of more 'migrants' like themselves, and modification of the host country's laws to make them more compliant to their way of life, or provide a greater level of sovereignty within their growing enclaves. This is the invasion of which I speak and Europeans fear.
Speaking of collectivist cancers - ranking right up there at top is their push for draconian public policies based on their religious fervor promoting AGW. The crappy and corrupt consensus science upon which this hysteria is based has been extensively covered on several prominent websites and institutional publications - all to no avail since AGW is a matter of central planning politics and not science. However, along with others I have covered here the sleaze that pervades how the 'science' is funded, protected, and promoted. Russ Steele posts an extremely revealing article on the latest in this genre of climate change. Worth a read.
DonB 911pm - When the WH wimp chooses to lead from behind, the view of the bad guys going ahead never changes. Everyone will be making hay while that community organizer is still in office. The damage from his tenure will be incalculable.
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Given the truth of the reports about the racist assault on the black family's reunion celebration at Rollins Reservoir this weekend, I am truly saddened and ashamed that such people still live among us. They should feel the full effect of the law for their actions, and the county administration should represent our feelings by sending them a heartfelt apology for the insults they suffered at the hands of our neighbors.
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re ToddJ 457pm - Contrary to the spirited exchanges recorded here between PaulE and me, we have been friends for years and have maintained a regular schedule of very enjoyable lunches. The last reader to discover and 'out' us in these pages was the FUE several years ago as we sat at our usual table by the window of Las Katerinas on Broad Street.
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George Rebane [This is the addended transcript of my regular KVMR commentary aired on 2 September 2015.] Here’s a 50,000 foot view of the great cultural divides that will focus our attention in America and also in the European Union.... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Rebane's Ruminations
PaulE 357pm - you are again unwrapping a very ripe red herring. That question has been answered multiple times in these pages. Besides, a close reading of the Constitution would inform you that the states determine the details of franchising voters, not the federal government.
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Jon 1043am - This comment again confirms that such a simplistic views do indeed organize your world and give you great comfort. In this case it sure beats examining the minority voting stats of jurisdictions that have incorporated measures to vet franchised voters.
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Gentlemen - I detect another foray into 'Off Topic Land'. Use the sandbox for such deep subjects.
My goodness! 'Wiping out constitutional rights of hundreds of thousands' and an imperceptible percentage of voter fraud convictions given the number of voters. I don't know how to respond to such tripe. What constitutional rights have been wiped out? Prima facie evidence exists in spades that voter fraud occurs (more people vote in jurisdictions than are registered, or living there, or even alive) yet it is one of the hardest things to prove under our justice system, hence the low rates always cited by progressives who want a universal franchise on voters and votes as long as they can be cast or stuffed. Your argument would be advanced by citing data of lower voter turnout (especially among the minorities) in jurisdictions that require some presentation of voter bona fides. But that, alas, is unavailable.
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BenE 631pm - Not quite Ben. I don't exactly know of what "thresholds" you speak - there are so many in complex dynamic systems simulation models - but that type of ignorance is just one of many that are embedded in and marbled through our contending GCM modeols (yes, there are several of them, even though the layman thinks there is one blessed GCM model in the sky that spews truth about the future).
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StevenF 459pm - Almost everything you say in this comment is completely false. The only exception may be what central planners consider the reasonable range of uncertainty that advocate making draconian social policy. As just one point in a legion I will not go into since its been so well covered in these pages - the variance on the output of GCM models has not decreased in the last 25 years which the IPCC admits and laments. And the more we learn about what we don't know about GCM constituents (i.e. sub-processes) - yes, including the carbon cycle - the more the output variance tends to increase today instead of decreasing as the models are updated. This, for those so trained, is a clear corroboration of increasing ignorance about the underlying process of climate change. The benefit of such discovered ignorance is that it points to directions for new and productive research - in short, that's the way science is done. You should really try to understand what NOAA is saying in the link I provided in my 439pm, especially in the part 'What don't we know about the Carbon Cycle?' For the technical reader, the GCM variance point is addressed more directly here - and here -
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For the record, I think any reasonable effort to discover fraud would uncover at least two million in short order of the 50-100 million receiving entitlements. It is this kind of fraud that our fraud finding politicians have been promising to reduce for at least the last 25 years.
StevenF 359pm - I don't think that Walt's 950am indicated he didn't understand that the carbon cycle "is a global ecosystem function". But the entire carbon cycle itself (sources, sinks, and rates of production and absorption) is not well understood. Most certainly not understood to a degree that a system scientist would claim useful in general circulation models to predict climate variability - especially isolating out the effect of any one small component - over the coming couple of decades, let alone the rest of the century. Here's how NOAA's PR people try to put the best face on it. Reading this as a professional confirms the assessment on the worth of today's GCM models.
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PaulE 315pm - Fabricating straw men like "evil abuse" for military retirements is where you liberals take these discussions off the rails. Who in hell wants to take seriously such a red herring question - it's simply a waste of time designed for diversion. The real issues of welfare funding and distribution get buried under such ridiculous hyperbole. And I note that you did not want to respond to my 859am in any productive way.
ToddJ 1205pm - I think we all appreciate that you don't think much of Jon. Continually repeating the epithets doesn't increase our understanding of your impressions of him. Jon 131pm - "work of fiction"?? Sounds like you're trying to contribute. Hopefully you and not the crickets will expand on that fiction part.
Note on Jon's 1058am on coal. Note that the man has never addressed the projected explosion of coal consumption in the coming decades (which I posted in a previous sandbox), and that the likes of Soros and Buffett are investing in it. All he has to contribute is his broken record repetition of "give it up on coal. Its day is done."
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