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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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GeorgeB 446pm - Mr Boardman please, your logic is showing again. Who ever said anything about trusting the Russians. They will do what they do, and if they have them, they'll release what they want. It will always be up to us to decide what and how much we will believe. But their releasing any emails will immediately allow us to identify Hillary's correspondents whose emails have not been scrubbed off of whatever email service they were using ('the internet is forever'), and that will allow us to vet what the dear lady was really talking about in the 30K that she destroyed. And with your little repartee about conservatives and the czar, you do seem to let your copy get a little hyperventilated here. But as I pointed out most recently to Mr Emery, putting words in others' mouths is a desperate way to conduct a debate.
PaulE 312pm - Well Paul, that most certainly explains why you and those who think like you are happy dancing in the streets tonight. What can I say except a hope that you don't sprain anything in an outpouring of unfettered glee?
GeorgeB 223pm - Very good! But since the govt's presumption is that Russia already hacked Hillary's now defunct servers, and have further demonstrated their acumen by releasing other Hillary related emails, therefore it is reasonable to interpret "find" as referring to Russia's extant stash of those emails which must be searched to isolate the ones not already released by State. To interpret "find" as an invitation for further espionage is a desperate and obvious politically motivated overreach, especially since according to Hillary's own account, no state-on-state espionage could have been committed in the first place by Russia or anyone else. And it doesn't take a memory expert to remember that Hillary said she destroyed those 30K private emails in question that were not released. That exculpates Russia on both accounts, unless, of course, we're dealing with Crooked Hillary. Mr Boardman, you are most assuredly attempting to help your fellow partisans who now have their collective tit in a ringer, and are desperately attempting to change the subject from Hillary's palpable and FBI confirmed sins. No harm in trying, but rest assured that most RR readers don't have the mental capacity for acceptance into the ranks of Hillary's Helpers.
GeorgeB 118pm - Mr Boardman, I'm not sure what sin you are anticipating from Trump in however he urged or not urged Russia to release the 30K non-classified emails that, if they exist, are already hacked and in their possession. Can you be more specific?
BillT 1104am - "The media knows your timeline all too well before you even posted it." Please cite one piece of such evidence without having to resort to the shibboleth 'we know what they are really thinking' that the liberals always use. The facts that "it's all been out there", currently recognizing the same, and using it to silence or degrade Trump's critics underlie independent (orthogonal) notions. Everything that happened in the past is all out there, but selected aspects of it still need to be retrieved in reasoned arguments to tie them to the present and give them relevancy. That the lamestream continues to maintain that Trump is inviting foreign agents to still hack Hillary's non-existent servers - their ONLY assertion relating to "treason" - gives strong evidence that they know nothing of what you maintain. Do I then remain a solitary voice in the wilderness?
This post is now adorned with a 28jul16 update.
Gregory 1002am - We seem to have a disconnect here. How do ANY of the entries on your link address the matter of my 27jul16 update. ALL of them ONLY assert that Trump was joking. None of them address the timeline in response to Democrat charges.
Gregory 938am - Have no idea how your link addresses either the points of my 27jul16 update. By their omissions the presented vignettes most certainly serve only to confirm each and every one of my assertions about primacy and the wholesale ignorance out there. And what we all did in our privacy about Trump's statement does not enter this discussion. All of us who understood the timeline immediately saw the illogic as the first Democrat charges were aired. I waited all day for some outlet to set the matter straight - nothing. It was then (703pm) that I finally said 'No one gets it' and posted. As reported, the ignorance continues this morning on the front page of the WSJ and also, more surprisingly, from Rush Limbaugh. You'd think someone would have emailed or called in to him by now. So, even though it is a low probability event - "I cannot believe that little ol’ RR was the first to publish this analysis yesterday, and 24 hours later no one has yet to pick up on it while its realization and discussion by RR readers is already mature." - it will stand until someone can give us a link to the contrary, your admonishment withstanding.
For the interested readers, Nate Silver's Bayesian methodology lives and dies on his assessment of likelihood ratios of observed evidence. Given a piece of evidence, say, the % increase in registered high school educated blue collar workers in Resume Speed, Iowa, he must fashion a number that represents how much more likely such registration will favor Trump vs Hillary come November. His considered opinion or best guess determines the predicted probability that Trump wins in that precinct/jurisdiction. And Silver must do that at some level of granularity for the entire nation, and, of course, continue updating these probabilities as new evidence comes in and winds up in new likelihood ratios. Those wishing to review the matter in more detail are invited to peruse -
Woke up this morning to National Propaganda Radio living up to its name in spades. Its correspondents interviewing Hillary’s campaign manager accusing Trump of treasonous conduct. Neither of the NPR interviewers questioned the guy about the ludicrous timeline he was promoting for the simple reason that they're just too stupid. I’m still not aware of anyone on the media bringing up the counter as summarized in my five points above. No one has said, ‘Trump only asked for release of the long ago hacked emails covering Hillary’s pedestrian personal affairs, as affirmed by the lady herself. If anyone invited a foreign power to hack America’s state secrets from a set of illegally set-up and operated email servers, it was Hillary and only Hillary abrogating her sworn oath as Secretary of State.’ I cannot believe that little ol’ RR was the first to publish this analysis yesterday, and 24 hours later no one has yet to pick up on it while its realization and discussion by RR readers is already mature. Are we then that stupid as a nation? There must be other pockets of clarity and understanding in this land. Would much appreciate readers posting links to any early comprehension of this latest National Lie. BTW, good pick up on Nate Silver’s prognostication Mr Goodknight (835am).
From the above comments, I wonder whether I did post anything at 703pm ;-)
Fighting nausea, I again call your attention to this post's addended 27jul16 update. Lord have mercy.
fish 249pm - Welcome back Mr fish!
I draw your kind attention to the 27jul16 update of 'Convention Capers 2016 - Democrat' here -
I draw your kind attention to this post's 27jul16 update.
Upon review and reflection, my kudo to Mr Boardman stands. Of course, early math instruction is fundamental to all subsequent STEM pursuits including programming. (For years Rebane Doctrine has prescribed math-heavy early grades with history and social studies pushed into the later K-12 years.) Boardman’s column did not intend to cover the waterfront of STEM curriculum nor take any particular school district to task. But he did provide a needed highlight of California’s deficits in a couple of very important subject areas. So again, I’ll stick with his ‘nailing it’.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on George Boardman nails it at Rebane's Ruminations
“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” Confucius George Rebane Since Turkey’s Erdogan most recently explained to the world of infidels – “Islam is Islam, there are no modifiers. Democracy is the train we ride... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Rebane's Ruminations
Yubanet reports that the MMJ ordinance was passed as amended.
A reader unaware of this post mistakenly entered his comment under the previous 'townhall' commentary of more than a week ago. It contains another comparative analysis featuring the most recent ordinance proposals from the various groups. Here it is - FYI A comparative analysis of the proposals of the five groups tasked with compromising on an interim ordinance are linked here. Shortly thereafter, a unified recommendation from 4 of the five groups represented was presented to the Supervisors for consideration and integration into the final ordinance being discussed today. Posted by: A Patriot | 26 July 2016 at 11:49 AM
APatriot 1149am - Mr Patriot, your comment really belongs under 'Medical Marijuana Ordinance - BoS Meeting'. I have reposted it there.
The local leftwingers should take note of the true colors at display by the various factions claiming to make up the Democratic Party. How soon will we see them on the lamposts of Nevada City?
FYI - a comparative analysis of the three MMJ ordinances is now available at -
Did everyone see Franken and Silverman die on the podium waiting to introduce Paul Simon who for some unknown reason could not take the stage in a timely manner. Pure comedy central.
Sometimes we forget that the job of the lamestream (aka MSM) is to promote all the objectives of Agenda21 and the political parties that support that brave new world. Exhorting them to "do your job" just elicits 'Thank you, we are doing it.'
George Rebane Tomorrow the Nevada County Board of Supervisors will meet to “Introduce/Waive further reading/Adopt An Urgency Ordinance adding Subsections … (long list of subsections) … of Article 5 of Chapter IV, of the Nevada County General Code, regarding Marijuana... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations