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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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ScottO 815am – I’m not comfortable that I’ve communicated well enough for you to understand my position of hope and dread. I have never advocated anything save a sparsely regulated free market as these pages and my credo attest. However, such a free market will ruthlessly segregate workers according to the actual value their labor can deliver to their employers and/or customers – in short, compared to today, income inequality would soar and continue to do so as capital uses advancing technology to substitute for human labor. The figure in this post says it all as the green distribution takes off to the right, and the red distribution lags ever further behind. Economies with such inequalities are intrinsically unstable, and historically have been and are stabilized by the gun held by government or crooks (often the same crowd). Again, I’m not smart enough to figure out a benevolent social order for a large population with an equivalently large spread of inherited smarts and corresponding skills all competing in an environment where capital (not labor) is king. It’s easy (e.g. for the Left) to propose dysfunctional social orders on such populations that immediately sink to tyranny. This is the direction we are now slowly heading, with our socialist brethren doing everything to speed up the process. So that’s the dread part. The hope part is that H. Sapiens can ‘climb aboard’ or integrate with super-intelligent machines . This is the benevolent, post-Singularity, trans-human future in which we will be smart enough to devise and work plans to 1) limit population, 2) spread through our solar system, and 3) prepare to go to the stars. Somewhere along that wonderful road, I believe it is very likely that we will be contacted by another successful post-Singularity civilization that is ahead of us. So any successful pre-Singularity plan should enable us to get through the Singularity as species worth saving and being saved.
ScottO 753pm - I think I missed what your plan is Scott. My approach to creating NPSCs is a temporary 'fix' to perhaps give wiser heads, or the Singularity (with transhumanism) or even the Second Coming a chance. If you got something better, spill it. DouglasK 849pm - Sorry to have feigned too much realism in that figure. As mentioned in its original piece, these distributions are just meant to correctly illustrate the qualitative measure of the systemic unemployment problem, not to give an accurate quantitative picture of it. Hope that helps.
ScottO 653pm - I don't have a sustainable plan, never had one, never claimed to have one - we are beyond the tipping point. If the population keeps growing, my Non-profit Service Corporation is merely a palliative to hold off the coming troubles as long as possible. You are talking about the street rioters of today; I am talking of the street rioters of tomorrow - they will look different. However, you do sound like you have a plan based on a free market. Is that correct?
ScottO 615pm - Right, no one (except the leftwing retards) knows where the money will come from; all we know is that people will not quietly starve to death while watching their brethren enjoying life. The "total fantasy" is that our grandchildren (and my great grandchildren) will not "have a future of something better than Greek-sized debt and 3/4 of the population a thinly bought off mass of half witted zombies." It's gonna happen, America will have to pass into an unimaginable darkness because providing 'bread and circuses' at no cost to the great unwashed has always brought down empires. While an exceptional country, we will not be excepted from that fate. Attributes of an albeit low probability solution inevitably include population reduction on a massive scale as technology advances. The alternative is to build massive structures housing millions of cacoons of humans living in virtual worlds as shown in 'Matrix'. But even that dystopia did not make a plausible case for why those humans needed to be kept alive in the first place. As I've said many times here, no one knows how to structure a sustainable GNI, but everyone knows what happens with an excess of starving hopeless people. How do you tell a fellow human that he is unredeemably redundant on this planet? Perhaps a post-Singularity intelligence or the Second Coming will crack this catastrophic conundrum which humanity ignores as it marches into the future.
MichaelK 357pm - True enough. But I chose the less pretentious spelling for broader appeal to those for whom it would provide succor.
‘… when you’re rich, they think you really know!’ - Tevye the dairyman George Rebane [We continue examination of Guaranteed National Income that commenced in the previous post, ‘Guaranteed National Income guaranteed’.] From the pantheon of America’s richest and wisest,... Continue reading
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DougK's 1240pm is an excellent example of union thinking and argument, and therefore valuable in this thread on its own merits. Recall that trains used to have cabooses in which train crew slept and ate because the stretches their slow speed trains then covered. The most dangerous job, before the advent of hydraulic brakes, was that of the brakeman. He had to run on top of the moving train to set and release the brakes on each car as the train encountered different grades. His job became 'redundant' with the advent hydraulic brakes. Yet the unions kept cabooses and do-nothing brakemen on trains for decades (into the 1960s) after their work evaporated.
For those interested in some plans for using the $500K grant reported in my 1004am, please see 23may15 update above.
PatriciaS 1057am - You don't need to poll public service employees, just look at the voting records of CalPERS directors who sit on the boards of their invested corporations. They know which side their pension accounts are buttered on, and are the first to demand high profitability in their invested assets.
PatriciaS 1047am - You are, of course, right; I should have cited the source - yesterday's Bret Baier 'Special Report' on FN. I'll see if I can also get a link. Thanks for the knuckle rap. PatriciaS 1037am - No, I have no idea how this money has been purposed, and who will get to spend it for what. It sounds like more government money being pissed away for feel good projects that go nowhere (like the bullet train), or worse, do harm (like the 'projects' AB32 has spawned). If any reader has more info, please share it. Thanks. So now a question for our liberal readers - please report where on your favorite outlets this story has been told.
Anyone have a clue as to what the Dept of Commerce $500K grant to NC's Economic Resource Council is supposed to accomplish? Here's the piece from County CEO Rick Haffey's Friday report - Congratulations to Nevada County Economic Resource Council (ERC) on being awarded the 2014 Science and Research Park Development Grant for $500,000! Below is the public announcement by the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Jay Williams visited Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, today to announce the 12 recipients of the 2014 Science and Research Park Development Grants, part of the Regional Innovation Strategies program. The Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) program, which is being run by the Department’s Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE), is a new initiative designed to advance innovation and capacity-building activities in regions across the country through three different types of grants: i6 Challenge grants, Cluster Grants for Seed Capital Funds, and Science and Research Park Development Grants. Secretary Pritzker announced the recipients of the i6 Challenge grants and Cluster Grants for Seed Capital funds in March. “Supporting innovators and entrepreneurs at every stage is crucial to ensuring America remains competitive in the global economy,” said Assistant Secretary Williams. “The Regional Innovation Strategies Program lays the groundwork from which centers of research and innovation can take root and thrive in cities across the country. I look forward to seeing what innovative opportunities come from Regional Innovation Strategies’ funding.” The Science and Research Park Development Grants program provides funding for feasibility and planning for the construction of new or expanded science or research parks, or the renovation of existing facilities. The grantees include : Nevada County Economic Resource Council Foundation, Inc. Location: Grass Valley, CA Project Name: American Digital Media Leadership Campus Program: Science & Research Park Development Grants Award Amount: $500,000 The American Digital Media Leadership Campus’s mission is to leverage a collaboration of all the critical stakeholders who collectively have the expertise, long standing relationships, and resources to build a globally competitive region that is focused upon providing innovative technologies to the rapidly growing, global digital media industry. By facilitating the transfer of technology and business skills between researchers and industry teams, the Campus will have an added benefit of strengthening California and U.S. economic competitiveness. This public/private collaboration includes innovation-focused digital media and related technology companies residing within the region; local, state and federal governments, including national labs and world trade center organizations; higher educational institutions with research programs relevant to the digital media industry; a highly technical engineering workforce; angel investors and venture capitalists; a vast array of community organizations, vital broadband providers including one with an emerging gigabyte fiber-optic broadband network coming online; and a partnership with the regional EDA-recognized economic development district, Sierra Economic Development Corporation (SEDCORP). [later] OK, the 23may15 update has link to Nevada City ideas for this money.
Well, I guess everyone has heard the report of out-of-town paid demonstrators being shipped into hot spots like Ferguson to make them hotter so as to give a proper backdrop to demogauges like Al Sharpton. Apparently the conspicuous money trail leads for these hired hooligans leads back to ACORN (and its spin-offs) which should surprise no one. What do mean that you haven't heard of this yet?
MichaelK 311pm - Well said Mr Kesti; I was going to respond to Patricia's 1058am in a similar manner, but life got in the way. The only thing I want to add is that during those 'golden years' with single-wage earner families and stay-home moms, there were no government mandated wage controls. Employers paid workers on the basis of their productivity contributions, and workers using then current technology provided sufficient value added to actually earn market driven wages that maintained their QoL. Today, when looking across the aggregate workforce, that is no longer possible. And wage controls such as an artificially high mandated minimum wage will only make things worse.
Jon 1154am - I feel your pain, but perhaps in a different part of my body. Have you and yours considered what a tremendously large, complex, and partially known infrastructure system undergirds America, and makes our quality of life possible? Does anyone understand the statistics that define the tails of natural distributions of, say, the integrity of the thousands upon thousands of miles of conduits carrying all manner fluids that pass beneath our feet and our shores? Does anyone understand what small fraction of failures we have witnessed in recent years? Are we demanding perfection and at what cost to ourselves are dunning those who fall short?
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[There was a request in the rapidly filling old sandbox for a new one that could launch a discussion on 'what does it take to be an American' and 'who are our warriors', and, of course, divers other topics of... Continue reading
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GeorgeB 1125am - Perhaps you are confusing state constitutions with our federal Constitution. In the federalism left us by the Founders, Kansas can damn well do what it wants in the cases such as you cite. Now I understand if you are no great fan of federalism which does seem to be eschewed by the Left. Jon 1147am - While agreeing with you on the big cases, the Sierra Club has no problem acting as the 'people's enforcement arm' for federal bureaucracies like the EPA, Fish and Wildlife, ... .
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Jon 1045am - Discussing the new wave of $15/hr minimum wages is very appropriate in this comment stream. Any wages imposed by government gun is a form of wealth redistribution, and can be viewed as the moral equivalent of a form of GNI. The problems are legion that high minimum wages cause for the young and the poor. However, their studied effects are suppressed by the Left who claim that such wage increase does not affect hiring or the number of jobs. If that is so, why then set the bar so low? Let us have a means tested minimum wage that raises the income of every household to above the poverty level, or better yet, to the median income level. Why should any family be consigned to the lower half of the nation's income for putting in their full measure of annual labor. So if you wanted to hire a man who has a wife and two kids, then you must pay him $50,500/2080 = $24.28/hr. If we are to be a progressive society, let us not satisfy ourselves with half measures.
Jon, IMHO the Sierra Club is indeed a terrorist organization in that it can bring its considerable wealth and collective clout to bear through our corrupt justice system on an individual or small enterprise that does not have the financial resources to oppose such practiced onslaught - even the contemplation of such suits is terrifying. Similar types of social terror is also threatened by big corporations on smaller entities to limit competition or gain market share. And yes, corporations that depend on harvesting natural resources for their income and survival do indeed support regulations that promote the long term sustenance of such resources. You see, it's a profit maintenance thing.
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Our Designated Reader emailed me this morning with a report that our local looney Left has detected some disallowed remarks about Kirsten Powers' beauty in this comment stream. Such explicit assessments of the woman's appearance used to be the natural, if not expected, outpourings of heterosexual males, and they in turn were received with gratitude by the so designated females. Over the centuries a multi-billion dollar industry arose to entice and assist all females to approach such a standard of social admiration. And these sentiments were reciprocated by females who gave males their critical once over, then sharing their conclusions with their friends. But according to the new social order of the Left, this type of behavior is now proscribed in the politically correct public fora. In today’s Newspeak the moral measure of such expressions have been turned on their head. And when their Agenda21 world will descend upon us, no one will dare utter such praises about the opposite sex for fear of having to go through the most dreadful of social correctives imposed by the state – for it will then be the law. So I invite the reader to review BarryP’s 739pm in the light of such hubristic criticisms, and what such ‘true intentions’ indicate about the goodwill that may still glow deep within people like that. To me these admonitions are of a revelatory piece of the high morals touted by state erected local boards in the former USSR, and today’s China, Cuba, Iran, … . These were and still are commissioned to ferret out and expose incorrect thoughts and words, and then recommend correctives of sufficient severity to inhibit future infractions. In those lands such proceedings are far from toothless since they always have the gun of Leviathan under the stack of such codes of conduct. In many areas of government, education, and even business our moral betters have already achieved equivalent powers to suppress and punish. Today’s America has legions of such self-appointed minions, educated in political correctness by our public institutions, always on the lookout to moderate all thought and expression that stray from that narrow road to their new world of Perfected Man.
Administrivia - Doing my best to delete the nasty threads that FUE attempts to start.
George Rebane [This is the addended transcript of my regular KVMR commentary broadcast on 20 May 2015.] Listeners of these commentaries may recall that I support redistribution of wealth. This line drew gasps from the Nevada County Republican Central Committee... Continue reading
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Gentlemen, IMHO Ben Emery brings an important message to these pages that is more prevalent across the land than many of us would like to admit. It is a view of a collective, peaceful, and good-hearted America wherein equality and justice reign. I find many of his desiderata inconsistent (and perhaps even logically incoherent), but I believe we all will derive the most profit in addressing Ben's prescriptions as presented, rather than posting comments which just denigrate him (or anyone else for that matter). Substance, stick to substance!
I often wonder what kind of people live in congressional districts that send the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Hank Johnson to Washington. Today congressional districts are comprised of approx 750K people. Are their districts so gerrymandered as to select out the stupid voters?
Gentlemen, gentlemen! The degree of one's assholity should be a matter best ascribed and held in confidence, and most certainly not bandied about in a public forum. Pray, let us continue this comment stream on a bit loftier level.
RussS 407pm - I think that Mr Frisch and his "fellow environmental travelers" have known for years that they could not sell a single item off their patent medicine wagon without the government's gun forcing people to become their customers.
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