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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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Walt 144pm - I am convinced from a historical perspective that these kids would march us both to the wall in a heartbeat if they could.
PaulE 1243pm - You have me at a disadvantage here. For the life of me, I cannot think of one reason why I would undertake such a task of finding a politician that now believes whatever will get him the greatest favor with the electorate, regardless of what he believed before. I think you have me confused with someone who gives a shit. My 1210pm stands.
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PaulE 1156am - Ah yes, now we're departing 'whether he had them' and going into the 'when did he have them?' Paul, it really does not matter when he used them vs when he had them. There is no evidence that he got rid of them 1) way before the US invaded or 2) right after the last time he used them, especially as he continued to brag that he had WMDs all along. Your argument on Iraq's WMDs has now positioned itself solidly on thin ice.
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PaulE 1005am - Not sure how Rumsfeld addressed the gassed Iraqis. But if he denied that Saddam had WMDs before the invasion, then yes, I and the Iraqis who died disagree with Rummy.
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George Rebane Well, our little union educated, progressive darlins have once more confirmed the longheld Rebane Doctrine tenet that the Left proscribes free speech wherever it can establish a beachhead of power. You can feel visible hatred from these mobs... Continue reading
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BillT 906am - Now I'd be a bit careful Mr Tozer if you decided to report such news anywhere near a university campus, especially standing near a safe space and proceeding without a trigger warning.
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On taxing and economic behavior - here are some previous debates on the matter that highlight Right/Left differences. ... and more from here.
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PaulE 1033pm - Paul, we’ve circled this barn before. While WMDs were not found after the invasion (but their previous storage places containing remnants of discarded and defective munitions were discovered), there is ample evidence of large convoys of trucks headed for Syria before the invasion. And it was clear that Saddam had WMDs before the invasion since he gassed his own people more than once with Sarin, a nerve gas. Sarin is a WMD.
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PaulE 833pm - Your 456pm implied I had written "little brush fires", which I did not. Quotes are used to denote something specific that was said or written; semi-quotes to highlight or emphasize a word, or include an indirect quote which approximates what someone said or wrote. Quotes are to be treated as the holy of holies in referencing or in citations - not to be trifled with. Well, Iraq's defeat most certainly got rid of their WMDs that Saddam had already used against his own people and promised to use against his other enemies. I don't know if Bush2 et al also wanted to replace Saddam with a more effective regime that could better counter Iran. That is a plausible explanation given the decades of bad blood between us and Iran. Most certainly I don't argue that the little war was terminated properly; we've all made that clear in these pages.
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PaulE 456pm - As a journalist, who are you quoting?
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PaulE 233pm - Yes, I believe you are right on both counts. The Cold War was a godsend to the free world since it allowed us and forced them (USSR, PRC) to keep the big peace while fighting small wars which were a much bigger drain on their economies than on ours. While we were able to develop ever more capable (read deadly) defense systems, they saw their economies tanking and their masses growing ever more restless. The USSR responded wrong and collapsed; the Chinese brought in corporatism on steroids and survived. Meanwhile the useless idiots on our shores keep chanting and voting to 'give peace a chance'. We have given peace a chance for over sixty years, and it has worked. But it's been a big peace with little brushfire wars to maintain and tweak the balance of world power. And that probably is the best peace we will ever get short of global totalitarianism which, if you recall Orwell, still had to be maintained by managed hoaky conflicts to allow Big Brother to extract sacrifices from the loyal citizens. Today our idiots are doing their best to take us to that kind of world peace.
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fish 156pm - In my many years in the defense industry, I noted a much more direct route. Defense firms don't "push subcontracts" anywhere. Their lobbyists work hand-in-glove with congressional staffs to discover what will garner the votes necessary. And at times the staffs will approach the lobbyists with friendly suggestions as to who in their state/district could profitably fulfill a specific subcontracting requirement. And finally, it hasn't gone without notice that actual systems (re)design has gone on in congressional offices to split off a fortuitous piece from what formerly was integrated. That, of course, costs more and those added costs are negotiated into the final appropriation. And thus endeth this defense procurement epistle for the day ;-)
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re PaulE 1126am - I take comfort in that the defense industry at least delivers the best combat systems in the world without which we would be up shit creek. No such comfort is provided to us by extracting tribute from us through the demonstrated nonsense of the subsidized 'green industry'.
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Well, since we're going down this road, shouldn't we really hold accountable those who told Cheney and Rumsfeld about the WMDs? Good approach, we'll get to the bottom of this yet.
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Jo Ann and I wish all of our readers a happy Thanksgiving Day which we hope you are spending with people you love. We give thanks that we can still give thanks in the manner of our choosing. Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
BillT 711am - What can we say about the religion of peace Mr Tozer? It definitely brings the peace of death to its opponents, and has been doing so for over 1,000 years. Now it intends to up its game.
BillT 1002am - Mr Smith's 135pm is correct. Several of our cats were bit by rattlesnakes. We lost a couple, but the more funny thing happened when one of our kitty's decided to play with a baby rattler and got nailed on top of the nose (the bony part) that admitted just a bit of venom. Their heads would swell up to twice normal size, and they would hunker down in one place for a couple of days that usually told the difference between recovery or the Pearly Gates. The experienced cats addressed the snake by the other end, but they never lost fascination with those critters. As a footnote, readers may recall that we also had Annabelle (red tailed boa constrictor) for 23 years. Annabelle was regularly out of her terrarium on 'walks' around the house and yard when we could watch her. Somehow no cat ever addressed or messed with Annabelle's business end, they showed a healthy respect for something that could obviously eat them.
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It's hard to interpret the liberals' retelling of the evils of the US without getting the distinct feeling that they are justifying the last quarter century of Islam's global killing spree as about due retribution. It never enters their mind that we really don't care about whose iniquities were the greater in the past. They are killing now, and now is when they want to establish their western colonies and then the caliphate. The Quran is very specific in its instructions on the spread of Islam. Since these ragheads are taking that book literally (as opposed to what Jews and Christians are doing with their scriptures), it is them we have to fight today. I believe what they are telling us about their intentions, and believe even more the existential confirmations of their message to us and the world. None of this is new. The only new part that we wake up to every morning is another progressive apology for how Islam seeks peace and is reacting only to the transgressions of the west. I believe it to be the wailings of knaves and fools. I do not want sacrifice one iota of our culture in our lands to Muslims who take every opportunity to tell us what kind of world they seek to found.
joss 732am - Actually, when you live in the mountains, cats are your best defense against rattlesnakes which are territorial. Cats compete for the same food supply which keeps the snakes away. Yes, we did lose cats (owls took some of the smaller ones also), and the solution to that was to fence the property which kept the deer and coyotes away. But you did have to patrol the fence line because coyotes easily dug under the fence to get at those tasty cats. It was a battle which we finally mastered and won. The only one we did not was against the ground squirrels which kept pressing in from all sides as we trapped and poisoned them.
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re BillT's 845am - And when you add that "they are not Muslims" willing to die for the caliphate and their faith, then it becomes that sad but laughable policy of our president who is either an idiot or has an agenda for America that he dare not tell us about.
Coyotes are easy to love when they are in their own habitat. But in cities, towns, and built up areas they are something else, extremely smart predators who keep pushing in until they are pushed back. In soCal they are a common feature in cities that abut their mountains, regularly taking small pets right in front of their owners. They have also attacked small children (Glendale and Burbank) playing in their own walled back yards. (Yes, they easily jump up on a six-foot cement block wall and then use such popular adjoining walls as their private road network to visit and hunt in any enclosed yard they choose. We lost over 30 cats in 25 years to coyotes living in the Santa Monica Mtns. They are a great species balancing out the rodent populations, but they should not be coddled in human habitats.
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BenE 851pm - Ben, I believe you have gone off the rails again. The post made no claim about the nature of my "understanding" of Islam's antagonism toward the west. My understanding, according to Islam's own words broadcast daily, is spot on. I have essayed extensively about it in these pages. It is the understanding that you and yours embrace that is either faulty or absent, that is the point here. Broad based Islam detests the west, and they do have reason to do just that. But the Left believes that only the radicalized minority hates western civilization. That according to their own spoken/published word, constant public expression, and murderously demonstrated actions is not true. One more time, I'm not debating here the causes or reasons why Islam hates us, only that the hatred is broadly imbued in Muslims who have yet to take up arms against us.
George Rebane There is a politically dominant and longstanding narrative by the Left in America (and Europe) that the overwhelming fraction of the world’s Muslims have no intrinsic hatred of the west and America. In the aggregate these Muslims are... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
First Amendement and free speech. The younger they are, the more willing they are to 'fundamentally transform' America. Pew Research has found that huge percentages of the younger generations are willing to have government "prevent speech offensive to minorities". Now does that ever open the gates of hell. More here -
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[The tragedies of Paris are many, and the immediate loss of life in that city may well be the least of them. As readers know, through the years while countering great leftwing vilification, RR has heralded the Islam's scripturally commissioned... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations