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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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What hasn't been said in this comment stream is that the Second Amendment was written to always provide common citizens a last resort to defend themselves against a government that has turned rogue. And those of us who understand that also understand why it is necessary for citizens to be able to own a wide spectrum of firearms. This was expanded long ago in an essay I wrote on the concept of par force.
George Rebane Ever hear of the Office of Financial Research? OFR was created by Obama’s Congress after the 2008 financial crisis, it’s mission was to bring brains to bear on avoiding the next one by developing new prediction methods. It... Continue reading
Posted 11 hours ago at Rebane's Ruminations
PaulE 450pm - DonB 459pm brings up an even more 'drastic problem'. Every year more than 2,000 teens are killed in traffic accidents they caused, and which could have been prevented. That's orders of magnitude more than die annually in preventable (see the Israeli and elitists' solution) school shootings by mentally disturbed kids. If saving kids lives were your real concern Paul, you would have been addressing totally different problems with young people of that age. What conclusion should one then draw when all you progressives immediately go for gun confiscation as the solution when another preventable school shooting takes place? I've already given my answer in my commentary; looking forward to hearing yours.
PaulE 450pm - Let me try to clarify Paul. In the 2003-14 interval there have been 1,353 people killed in school transportation involved accidents, and hundreds more since then according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. No one is talking about this going on year after year; all these tragic deaths have been swept under the rug. How long must this slaughter go on, and when are we going to do something about it?
PaulE 436pm - And I'm sad that you didn't understand my 1139pm question.
PaulE 338pm - Agreed, "if it's possible".
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PaulE 136pm - Always good to see that the districts get more compact and include people whose geography gives them some common interests in their day-to-day lives. Do you believe that the states should settle this at their level, or should there be a federal mandate as to how districts should be drawn?
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RobertC 131pm - You are ignoring or dismissing the Founders' purpose for including the Second Amendment. I think we know what your interpretation is, but it would be good to expand on it here. Also, in the grand scheme of things, what is your definition of your "drastic problem"; what are the numbers connected with such a problem?
PaulE 1259pm - my pleasure will come when I see the utility function the court used to redraw the district boundaries. It is complex problem on which I have commented, and which you may want to get informed lest we start prematurely celebrating Simple Simon solutions. The notion that there are any 'absolutely objective' district boundaries is naive - they intrinsically will favor one side or the other. To date these have always been (re)drawn by the party in power to favor itself. Today the Dems (and their lackeys) are teaching the neurochallenged (love that term) that only the Repubs gerrymander. This will get you some perspective -
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Sandbox - 17feb18 at Rebane's Ruminations
re ToddJ 1252pm - Someone should teach Becky Goodwin about guns and how long we have had such "rapid firing" arms in the hands of the public. We have had them for a hundred years, and all of us kids had them and carried them in our cars, but no one went on a shooting rampage in a school or elsewhere. The guns are the same, the only thing that has changed is the Left's destruction of our culture. And that beat goes on until they have every facet of our lives controlled by some code or computer. It's never been the guns.
And we have to remember, that for all the good the countless laws do, the system utterly failed against the Parkland shooter. Where is the outcry to remedy the FBI and/or hold its staff accountable? Does the lamestream care? Shouldn't we start by enforcing existing laws and implementing existing LE procedures before passing more gun laws? It would useful if someone published a list of all the laws, codes, procedures, and ordinances that were violated in the case of the Parkland shooter.
“Over the last fifty years, it’s the Left that has assaulted every moral norm and disdained every religious and cultural restraint.” Andrew Klavan George Rebane Student groups across the land are now forming to protest the ownership and availability of... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Rebane's Ruminations
MaryW 856am - Ms Wanna, this time you miss so many points that it is embarrassing to respond if we consider that you are an educated adult, however, the source of your education may help mitigate matters. First, let me dissuade you from the notion that there exist policy issues that cannot be discussed on RR to the fullest extent possible. Your bringing up the well-known MJ odor nuisance is such an issue. Second, you either don’t read well or seek to substitute snark for a well-formed comment. I made it clear that the reason I closed the commentary’s comment stream is that commenters ceased discussing the MJ ordinance topic and reverted to ad hominem mud-slinging. For those who still read, the record of that dissonant thread is still there for inspection and assessment. Finally, the MJ ordinance topic will continue to be discussed here long and hard, as it should be. Everyone’s views on the topic, including yours, are always welcome sans the degeneration into name calling, or disparaging someone because they happened to support a position or a defeated initiative. Stick to the merits of your arguments, and do your best to understand and/or explain why 'this is like that' or 'this is not like that'. There already exist nuisance odor regulations/codes/laws. Your equating America’s traditional and culturally embedded neighborhood BBQ smells with the stench of MJ is more than somewhat gratuitous, and it needs an expanded support argument. Are you qualified to formulate such an argument? And as a matter of online semantics, posted topics that welcome comments are followed by ‘comment streams’ – the entire sequence of comments that are displayed below a post. However, any given comment stream may consist of one or more ‘comment threads’ – comments, often interlaced with other comment threads, that focus on a specific topic or sub-topic which attracts interested commenters who enter and leave the thread at will. Therefore, taxonomically a single comment stream can have multiple threads – bottom line, don’t confuse ‘streams’ with ‘threads’ On RR I have tried to enforce the policy that under my commentaries, when an ad hominem thread develops and dominates the stream, then I close the stream to save readers from having to wade through crap in hopes of finally discovering someone again saying something cogent. To provide a vehicle (receptacle?) for the crap, among other legitimate topics not covered or yet to be covered, RR provides sandboxes, such as the present one, which allow commenters so disposed to vent.
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Given that we have always had problems understanding the logic of progressives, Xeno's 546pm is a current highlight of this unfortunate situation. I wonder if Mr Xeno might oblige us and connect some dots here so that we might follow his stratospheric thinking.
“He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that.” John Stuart Mill George Rebane This is the title of a recent major essay by Dr Amy Wax that initially appeared (here) in the January 2018... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
As I said "... when armed and trained, they will engage the killer." This short commentary was not intended to give an obvious and demonstrated solution, and contain a detailed policy manual on a school's procedures and tactics to enable armed personnel to be maximally effective. The anti-gun liberals offer predictably lame arguments against public school safety with pinhead arguments such as some teachers had CCW permits. Their having permits and being permitted to carry their legal firearms on the premises are two separate factors which progressive minds do not (cannot?) parse. (Many of us with CCW permits honor the insane regulations and not carry where prohibited, making sure that killers are the only ones who enter with guns.) BTW, if cost becomes a problem with arming existing school personnel, then there are many qualified volunteers in every American community with CCWs, qualified to use their weapons, many of them combat arms veterans, ready to take any needed additional training, and willing to spend time on a local campus as part of an organized security program.
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[I think I pushed all the liberal hot buttons in my 16feb18 post on school shootings. So gather your continuing thoughts on the topic there. And please use this fresh sand for dissecting Mueller's latest indictments and Trump's latest travails.... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
George Rebane We’ve said it here before about stopping school shooters, only guns will stop killers with guns. That’s why police and the military carry them. Israel recognized a long time ago that their schools were inviting targets for terrorists,... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
I continue to be puzzled at the glee of the leftists rejoicing that now Trump can't fire Mueller or Rosenstein. At this stage of the game with so little coming out of Mueller, and nothing against Team Trump, why would the president want to fire these guys? What's all the glee about?
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Sandbox - 14feb18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Marat/Sade at the National Theater. I thought that I had already made some comments on our experience somewhere in a comment stream - perhaps it was just in an email to someone. Jo Ann and I had a grand time attending the 2feb18 performance. Producer PaulE had been kind enough to provide with us with the play script beforehand, so we had a chance to read major portions of it. To fully enjoy the play, it pays to do a bit of homework on the historical period (France 1808 et ante) if you're not familiar with it. We were impressed with the extent and caliber of the extensive production and the use of the entire theater to stage the play. The number of actors and musicians on stage was impressive and well-orchestrated, especially the musical numbers with singing and dancing. What really blew us away was the quality of acting that our local thespians were able to deliver, and that included the excellent delivery of long monologues (I shudder to think of the time spent memorizing and rehearsing). The only problem that we noted was that the deliveries were paced a bit fast, and therefore sometimes difficult to understand/digest - i.e. maybe they spoke faster than I could listen ;-). It is a long play; the original version was supposed to have taken over four hours, this version was reduced to 1.5 hour first act, then intermission and conclusion with a 30 minute second act. That worked well. Bottom line, we were impressed that such a tour de force was pulled off right here in River City - whouda thought? Hats off to Paul (who was also on stage playing his guitar and singing) and all the organizers, volunteers, behind scenes workers, and the lusty troupe of actors who didn't skip a beat.
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re RobertC 126pm & PaulE 147pm - Well, it appears from reliable sources that have read Mueller's indictments that my 1250pm was correct after all. As other commenters point out above, the cited leftwing sources provide no further evidence that there was 1) any observable impact on our election, and 2) there was no collusion (itself not a crime) with the Trump campaign. But if baseless allegations are all you have, I guess you gotta keep pushing them until the cows come home.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox - 14feb18 at Rebane's Ruminations
The celebration of Mueller's 'indictments' seems a bit premature. Not one Russian will be tried, and none of them have anything to do with Trump's campaign or his election. Perhaps Mueller saw these as low hanging fruit, and after all this time he had to put something more into his basket for show.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox - 14feb18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Well, I see that discussion of the Supes' guidance has degenerated into a sandbox brawl. I guess we've exhausted the discussion of the material issues about the new MJ ordinance.
PaulE 1051am - You have been pounding DonB about his support of Measure W for months and months. I'm not sure what pleasure you're getting out of lambasting a fellow county neighbor who happens to have a different outlook on MJ than you, and who promoted the civil approach to the issue through the ballot box. We know the measure failed, but does that call for perennially vilifying those who supported it? But it appears that you may be warming to the RR doctrine on more culturally cohesive communities with your 1041am advice to ToddJ. Or perhaps you might even consider the Great Divide for all the irredeemable deplorables. It would solve a lot of these problems.
More examples of messing with the messenger and not addressing the data - sources and methodology. Most ludicrous is the face off between the Left's 'thousands of consensus scientists' vs Steel and Watt by themselves on the other side. Yet that is the best they have ever done and the only thing they are still limited to in their apologetics. The list of skeptical scientists are available on the web along with their reasoned arguments for not embracing preventable man-made global warming. But as Einstein said of 'scientific consensus' when a team of the world's leading physicists were proposing to visit him and argue that relativity was wrong - 'In science you don't need a team to disprove a theory, one person is enough.' The corollary to that is that science doesn't proceed through consensual truths - one scientist's proposition that withstands experiment is enough.
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