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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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***** Dear Readers, the new and refreshed 13oct15 sandbox is open for your contributions as we await tonight's debate.
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[Well boys and girls, let's gird our loins and prepare for the vibrant and vociferous aftermath of tonight's debate between them that's working to mount the bridge of the ship of state and holler out loud and clear, 'Haaard a'Pooort!!'... Continue reading
Posted 2 hours ago at Rebane's Ruminations
JoeK 1146am - Well, it appears that you are no better informed than am I about the scope and extent of the mercury problem. We all know what mercury was used for, and that a lot of it is still up here in the foothills. What we (including you and your researcher) don't know is what the likely physical mechanisms are for its release into existing waterways. And we apparently have no idea how to separate the 'signal' of the mercury pollution levels from the background noise of natural levels. Would like to get your researcher's contact information so I can go directly to the source of your concerns.
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fish 1126am - Thanks for the link and the heads up on what Salon has become. I have yet to read a more confused piece of bullshit put out by very desperate True Believers. To begin, the author doesn't know what part of climate change he is talking about, and then it goes down from there. It's a priceless piece that should be read by skeptics to understand the jumbled mindset that currently underpins politicized climate science.
JoeK 943am - Quite often these kinds of preventative and prophylactic regulations are based on nothing but slogans and the good feelings generated in their sponsors. I'm not saying that this is the case with the new dredging regulations, but it would be good to get link to a report that substantiates the downstream mercury problem. Can you provide one?
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BonnieM 716pm - Good observation. And that's why 9 of 10 politicians turn into sleazebags as they surrender to the nature of the beast.
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StevenF 1200pm - ... and none of those topical observables indicate climate parameters that are out of the range of their normal historical variabilities. And BTW models are not a "tool to measure change", but only to predict it under various input scenarios. The arguments to support catastrophic climate change predictions through current measurables are simply bankrupt, and endure in the media only through political diktats.
Gregory 1107am - I don't think that makes no nevermind to the liberal narrative; in these pages you and several of us have pointed out those little items to either crickets or the stock response that if it happened during Bush2's tenure, it was his fault, period. And, of course, the provenance of that mess could even be traced back to another Democrat bon mot, the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.
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So there we have it dear readers, another riveting exchange between ToddJ and PaulE. We are blessed.
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For the Left, Moonbeam's bill is manna from heaven as another big step toward socialist sinecures in government for politicians and bureaucrats. The rest of America will view this as the new 'Voters without Borders' program designed to destroy America's sovereignty and weaken us into compliance with the one-world objectives codified in Agenda 21.
George Rebane The government is corrupt. It’s always a tickle to note the protestations of liberals on these pages who howl when we conservetarians point out that our government is too big, inept beyond belief, costs too much, overreaches into... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Rebane's Ruminations
Gregory 935pm - I guess what goes around, comes around.
StevenF 723pm - Wrong again. All this means a lot to us because the broader acceptance of C&T will depend on corporatism as expressed through K Street and the PACs. We really do understand both international finance and trade. Corporatists don't give a big rat's ass about C&T or any other uniformly applied perverse regulations as long as it 1) raises the bar for competitors not able to absorb the added costs, 2) retains/increases their market shares, and 3) limits the arrival of available alternatives to the products/services they sell. To them C&T is just another government regulatory crutch to keep their corporate interests viable. And in this age of increasing globalism (i.e. international trade, TPP, ...) it is, of course, better if all competitors in all their market countries are subjected to the same strictures. This guarantees the corporatists' state of wellbeing no matter what happens. It is simply the application of international 'Broken Windows' on steroids without having to give a shit for the environment, but appearing to do so.
Well, the native/foreign workforce pissing match may go on forever. There is no question that the more enthused foreigners who have yet to discover the magnitude of the public tit, it is their fractional participation that is growing. Therefore, the conclusions about fractional changes become pretty clear. I'm not sure what the specifics of your debate are here, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics is happy to supply some relevant data.
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Re the 94M out of the workforce. According to the Dept of Commerce this cohort does not include the young, disabled, or elderly/retired. They are made up of people who 1) do not need to work because they have alternative (public and/or private) sources of income, and 2) those who are looking but can't find work. Category 1 contains the notorious one percenters but mostly welfare queens about which we may continue that line of debate about government's destruction of productive society to produce reliable voters. There can't be too many of the one percenters since they make up only about 3.2M of the population. Category 2 is the real issue here as from their midst come the new systemically unemployed, and Obama's recovery has made these by the millions.
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***** Dear Readers, I draw your kind attention to the 11oct15 update to this commentary.
StevenF 636pm - How are any of your citations examples of 'censorship' with respect to the First Amendment? If the two quoted paragraphs from the Union are not a clear call for such journalistic censorship to you, then your cynicism is beyond measure. To that I add the WSJ article whose citations are also a matter of public record. I don't think there is much people like you have to discuss with people like me. And all the books you cite are freely available from all libraries; how do you then ascribe them to be banned by the Right?
re Walt 814pm - Does that now make it legal for non-citizens to vote in California since one does not have to be a citizen or even a legal resident to get a California driver's license?
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re Gregory 434pm - For others who missed the RICO reference in my commentary, it contains another link expanding how the Left attempts to use every underhanded device imaginable to silence from the public forum ideas that they cannot contend on their merits. My experience is that it has been ONLY the Left that has sought and continues to seek such censorship under the government gun. If the Right has been equally guilty, would like to see the citations. But I think such queries are best handled by their crickets. Walt 527pm - I believe Gregory meant liberal in the classic sense - e.g. Basitat - before the socialists co-opted the label.
Censorship - the Left has some pretty silly definitions of 'censorhip', but people like Hall, Mann, Warren leave no doubt about what they want silenced and censored. I am interested in how pervasive censorship (leftwing, but even rightwing if you can find it) is becoming in our media and on the internet. Would appreciate any reader discovered links to such examples encountered in their surfing the media and the WWW.
MichaelK 231pm - Apparently the Union's management is interested in their own political balance - perceived and actual - since that is one of their stated operating principles. Agree with you on the potential positive impact of their taking a stand one way or another. But their readership is already low enough that a dilution with a competitor of opposite political hue might be deadly.
Re MichaelK's 136pm - there are about 1,800 abortion clinics in the US, and if the woman has an emergency or health related requirement for an abortion, they may be performed in almost all hospitals.
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BenE 131pm - That's a much appreciated dissertation, thank you. I am interested in how SteveF describes himself in that spectrum.
re Walt's 1247pm - Here's some data to drive a stake in the ground when doing numbers.
Walt 1238pm - There is an ongoing survey of the political balance of Union columns and letters. I'll post the results when completed. Russ 101pm - Thanks Russ; looking forward to it.