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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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StevenF 532pm - Are you implying that I was attempting to defraud my readers? All I did was use a convenient figure from the web and augment it correctly identifying the agents that Environmental Economics would have found a bit embarrassing to include in a more complete definition of negative externals. My additions would have been obvious for anyone going to the link I supplied. I'm not sure I understand the purpose of your insinuation. In any event I have inserted the word 'modified' into the figure's introduction. And the identification of A3 is precisely correct. For example in California's attempt to internalize environmental externals through AB32, the California Air Resources Board is A3. If you don't understand these obvious (agents) players, I'm not hopeful for any resolution here. The best way for you to submit your monograph is by sending me the Word document of the piece with its embedded figures. I can take these out, reformat them, and reinsert them where you had placed them.
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StevenF 447pm - I believe so. In the 70s I was helping two (black) colleagues start a minority owned business with what they referred to as Sec 8A financing - loans which the government would guarantee. They were really not ready to follow the stars in their eyes. But I wrote them a business plan that passed muster, as they were spending their funds buying company cars and fancy office furniture. It was kind of sad. They relayed wonderful stories of their friends doing exactly what they were doing. It was a hot time for minority businesses. And then it all came crashing down as they discovered that they had spent their money on the wrong things. But it took about about three years and multiple loans for the feds to finally say 'No mas!' I contrast this with an Indian engineer friend who was a magnetic recording specialist. He started an 8A company with non-minority partners and built it into a marvelous business while making himself rich. So the program was definitely not a uniform failure, but more so than not since it didn't vet the business acumen of the borrowers, only their skin color.
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My recommendation to everyone who feels they are unreasonably being responded to is that they reference the thread, and declare their participation terminated. The readers can well make up their own minds as to where and with whom reason and logic ended.
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StevenF 342pm et al - I'm not sure it is a 'right', but I and millions like me would like to have a unique word for a traditional heterosexual marriage, and 'marriage' has served well for thousands of years. I've suggested an alternative for homosexuals. It's been some years, but I believe the Sec 8 I refer to is the one that provides minorities all the special dispensations under welfare programs. Eg a Sec 8A company was a subsidized minority owned company. Please check me on this. Do a simple Ctrl-F search on the web page for "sexual self-determination". I cited the entire sentence also. Paul 426pm - "And George seems to honor the rights of those to refuse service in their public business to anyone they wish based on any reason be it race, nationality, sexual preference or religion." I said the exact opposite. It seems that this conversation is also over.
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Jon 358pm - I think you attribute the following to me: "-Incest and animal marriages are on deck and coming soon to an America near you. -Sharia Law is the inevitable governing law in the future in many corners of America." If so, then with such misrepresentations our conversation about those topics is over.
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PaulE 241pm - your response to ToddJ also took my breath away. It appears that you didn't pick up the ramifications of "public accommodation". But yes, I grant others contingent rights similar to what I enjoy. And you are right, I do not like every chapter and verse of the CRA1964, particularly the Section 8 parts that destroyed the black family and middle class, and has been the fundamental cause of a culture that has taken tens of thousands of black lives, and doomed millions of others.
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Gregory 134pm - yes it works for all races, but it does not guarantee a reliably gruberized voting block for the Dems. They have keep such things when making public policy. Jon 143pm - Jon, the money is already there. Every year hundreds of billions are pissed away on programs and projects with decades long failure records. I believe you lose all credibility here when, given the spending patterns of the last 40 years, you still bring up the tired old saw that 'we need more money, and this time we'll do the right thing' - nobody but the ignorant and deep Left believe that crap any more.
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Jon & PaulE - Gentlemen, this discussion is difficult if you continue applying your simplistic templates on this blog. A closer reading of my words would have revealed that my protest of the SCOTUS decision was based on their legislating from the bench, override of federalism, and the semantics of using the same label for their union thereby creating an ambiguity with the label my wife have used for our union during more than a half-century. There was no issue with their having equivalent rights of union as determined by the several states. And re my right to choose - yes it would be were I in the public accommodation business which I am not. Again, lesser minds (of course not yours) will immediately apply kindergarten logic and deduce that I am both homophobic and racist. I leave it to the students to figure out why that conclusion is false.
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StevenF 713am - the discussion of externalities continues at
PaulE 1246pm - Is this early Alzheimer's? when have I advocated any government involvement in 'marriage' or 'garriage' other than enforcing legitimate contracts. That, after all, is a collective function of government. Between whom and what they do in such relationships is their business - it is not up to me to dis/approve. But I do reserve the right to choose with whom I will assemble and/or do business.
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JOn 1126am - Jon, I don't think diverting/expanding the blame to Republicans will serve you. It has been the Democrats who for decades have bathed in the comfort of black votes who have promised, promoted, and legislated the programs that have kept the blacks measurably gruberized with teeth firmly clenched on the government tit. Insisting otherwise will drive me from this thread. And, practiced countrywide, it most certainly will not benefit the blacks. But it will keep them voting Democrat, and after all, that is the real objective - God knows who they'll vote for if they're given the tools to get ahead.
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PaulE 1156am - Your comment implies that Americans' attitudes toward sexual acts by homosexuals has been static, and was recently discovered to be above 50%. Such attitudes have changed markedly during the last fifty years (look up your own refs, I'm too lazy to do it again). Given such volatility of public attitudes, especially from the recently gruberized, no one should be surprised if the movement to expand 'sexual self-determination' will eventually (soon?) include various kinds of incest and even more. We're already on the slippery slope, and there are no logical reasons (especially in liberal minds) to halt the slide - or, if you will, 'social progress'.
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George Rebane 'We know best what's good for the people.' - from the Central Planning Bible Lately several readers have been discussing the whys and wherefores of (economic) externalities. It’s a slippery concept to apply as may be deduced from... Continue reading
Posted 7 hours ago at Rebane's Ruminations
re ToddJ's 1027am - A valuable footnote in this discussion. We seem to get all exercised about buying goods made in Asian sweatshops that provide people an economic step up. But we are silent about their vicious and longstanding practices of racism. Recall that eliminating such racism was an integral part of Bush2's futile attempt at 'nation building'. (Don't take this as my endorsement for us to go in there and impose racial egalitarianism, even if we could.)
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SteveF 1025am - 'Sexual self-determination' apparently is a term of art in the communities advocating rolling back traditional values and mores re sexual expression. This instance was taken from my above linked citation attributed to the Ethics Committee - “The fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination has more weight in such cases than the abstract protection of the family." (As I've clarified before, I try to use quotes and semi-quotes very carefully. Quotes only enclose what someone has said or written, and semi-quotes enclose emphasized or highlighted terms/phrases and non-verbatim quotes that attempt to paraphrase or duplicate an uncited assertion. In short, quotes are sacrosanct.) Please reread my 1101pm. Re your "no logical connection". Perfect and valuable example of the different logics that we both use in such analyses. Homosexuals and incest practitioners both practice sexual behaviors formerly proscribed by society. Homosexuals have managed to roll back such proscriptions. With sexual licentiousness on the march, the question about incestuous people replicating the victories of homosexuals begs itself. Since I'm ignorant of ice cream's sexual doings, I'm not in a position to equate the homosexuality/incest relationship with that of homosexuality/ice cream. I suppose that might take a liberal mind to see the equivalent disconnect you claim.
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GeorgeB - Thank you Mr Boardman. Have corrected the post.
Jon 954am - You didn't read my 829am very carefully. I said the IGNORING of black-on-black murders by the government(s) and the lamestream is a patently racist practice, not the killings per se. Were the perp and victim not b-on-b, then all kinds of hell would be raised with multi-agency investigations and media outrage. Yet liberals (like you?) never worry much about the thousands of b-on-b killings annually, save to use the aggregate statistics of such tragedies as fodder for increasing welfare programs and imposing new gun controls on law-abiding gun owners - you know, the usual crap.
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StevenF 737am - I didn't tie incest and homosexuality together, the promoters of "sexual self-determination" did. But since you ask, both of those behaviors are joined in what used to be agreed on as sexual licentiousness - sexual behaviors beyond the (formerly) accepted norm. The UN has been pushing decriminalization of homosexuality for years and supported its member states making such laws. I would not be surprised if (as BonnieM claims) they have extended their equal concerns to cover incest. We will see how the Germans handle this. My insertion of 'marriage' as a connector should be clear. Homosexuals who practice formerly proscribed behaviors have now been allowed to marry, will incest follow a similar path? Jon 800am - There is no "dotted line" there. The survey measured Muslim attitudes. Making the case that were they a sufficiently large cohort electorally, Sharia law would be proposed to be implemented in certain parts of the US, and the rest would follow in due course. Please note the fraction of American Muslims favoring violence within our borders to bring about their religious objectives. The usual tactic at this point is to simply discredit the poll (which stops this conversation), however a stronger counter-argument would be to cite another poll with a larger sample size and similar questionnaire that produced a significantly different output. As I stated above, it is more than just interesting that the big name polling outfits don't have the balls to ask such questions, because they know the answers and consider their publishing of such results to be a PR disaster for them since the nation's liberals would howl bloody murder. Otherwise, just ask the questions and show everyone that American Muslims are just like the rest of us - docile, sharing our values, and busily assimilating into our western culture.
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Jon 1134pm - By its very politically correct definition, 'racism' can only be practiced by Americans of European ancestry. What other 'minorities' do to themselves or anyone else is never identified as racism. However, according to my view highlighting the relatively few killings of blacks by non-blacks, and then IGNORING the overwhelming number of blacks (and even whites) killed by blacks is indeed racism. Black lives do matter, no matter how they die. Liberal policies that have kept blacks on the virtual 'plantation' for 40 years are racist policies.
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PaulE 1046pm - Au contraire, I don't have to qualify anything besides citing BonnieM's use of 'normal' the definition of which I gave that is independent of any statistical survey. But you may take her to task by not believing her citation of "UN's beliefs and goals" I took her at face value and just clarified a term in her comment.
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Wow! We go to a great MIM concert - Verdi, Beethoven, Sibelius - tonight, and I come back to a mudball fight. Deleted a bunch of comments, probably enough to piss off everyone. SteveF 559pm - What's wrong with Investopedia's "'Externality' A consequence of an economic activity that is experienced by unrelated third parties. An externality can be either positive or negative."? Or Google's "...a side effect or consequence of an industrial or commercial activity that affects other parties without this being reflected in the cost of the goods or services involved, such as the pollination of surrounding crops by bees kept for honey." I believe my 258pm question still stands.
PaulE 649pm - My 229pm explained the use of 'normal' given Bonnie's 1120am. So now, contribute something on incest to this serious conversation.
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George Rebane [This is the transcript of my regular KVMR commentary broadcast on 1 July 2015.] Today the country is under terror alert, and the FBI is setting up counter-terrorism control centers across the land as the rest of us... Continue reading
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StevenF 952am - Could you perhaps point us to any such "reasonable analysis" that would help us to "conclude that (internalizing the externalities) is a conservative economic principle"? Thanks.
BonnieM 103am - What we may all be missing here about UN's endorsement of incest and all its collateral impacts is their formal use of 'normal' in the statistical sense.
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