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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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Walt 1129am - Convert the manuscript into a pdf and email it to me. I can upload it to TypePad and then post the URL from which readers can access it. Comment photos are a bit more complex and require you to include both HTML code which accesses, formats, and displays the graphic, but also requires a web address from which the graphic can be accessed. Perhaps the easiest way is for you to set up your own website/blog to which you can upload whatever you want, each thing thereby getting its own URL which you can then include/embed in any or your communications from comments on RR to emails or even text messages.
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Walt 1023am - Good suggestion. Why not use the comment stream of this post as the repository for any and all recipes, reports, reminiscences, and other suggestions related to Thanksgiving celebrations? Looking forward to the entries and I'll even start one of our holiday favorites from the Rebanes called 'Santa Claus squash' - the origin of the name does not relate specifically to Christmas, but that's another family story. The recipe is here, enjoy!
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George Rebane This November brought a ray of hope for which we can give added thanks that we still live in a most exceptional land. Happy Thanksgiving to us all. Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Rebane's Ruminations
For years we have heard leftwing critics in these pages offer simplistic foreign policy alternatives that border on kindergarten thinking. Responding to them with notions of the realism that exists and existed then in international relations sticks pretty much like water off a duck's back - it is simply beyond their ken, since after all that is why they were relegated to call themselves liberals or progressives or whatever brand of collectivism works. For those not so afflicted, Robert Kaplan of Stratfor presents a short and extremely readable explanation of realism, especially as it applies to foreign policy. Today under Obama we have the very antithesis of realism being practiced by the White House and its State Department.
ToddJ 424pm - While I join in your adulation of capitalism, I doubt the broader appreciation of it after two generations of Great Society public schooling. The thought continues to nag me that Jonathan Gruber nailed it.
PaulE 454pm - So noted, and in that the same pollster was responsible for those numbers, my remarks stand even stronger.
PaulE 224pm - Yeah, while a less biased poll by Quinnipiac reports that Obama's approval is at 39% with 41% 'Strongly Disapproving' of his performance. And we already saw how the public was able to "stomach" even one house of Congress being dominated by Dems. They apparently liked what the Repubs did with one half it enough to give e 'em a chance at running the whole shooting match.
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re RussS and PaulE's observations - Sounds like all the makings of a horse race - the Dems have a bloody battle while the Repubs watch, or the Repubs battle while the Dems enjoy a cool drink. I don't think that both will occur concurrently, therefore there's every reason to put some money on this one to lend substance to otherwise idle speculation.
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KeenO 1212pm - Mr Observer, you cogent comment belongs under 'Scattershots - 26nov14', care to repost?
re JoeK 1032am - Have no idea where Joe gets such data, but here are some links reporting data that can be easily falsified by disputants.
George Rebane Schumer’s post-election epiphany. My comment yesterday on Senator Schumer’s belated insights on Obamacare is being echoed today in various national media outlets that have added some revealing detail. Besides the senator from New York admitting that “the law... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
JoeK 927pm - Not to detract from your already celebrated rhetoric, but could you please expand on "the one based on importing votes or(sic) the one based on buying votes"? The Dems clearly import voters with their 'immigration' and mirror-fogging vote policies. And the Dems transfer payment policies clearly buy the votes of the poor and the dim (remember the iconic 2008 woo-hoo shoutout to finally becoming recipients of the "president's stash"). And big businesses game their contributions pretty much equally, which doesn't come close to erasing the asymmetry of the wholly one-sided payola from the public and private sector unions. So please illuminate your use of the "or" in the above assertion.
re fish 718am - The mob rules, it has always ruled. Social order is a fragile façade, existing only when people of goodwill and shared values act in concert. The civil authorities show no extraordinary courage or moral fiber. Police in all nations have always stood by to watch the mobs exercise their rage on the innocent - everyone wants to go home at night, and no one wants to put enforcing the law ahead of his actions or career being subsequently examined by a pernicious legal system. Today police delay action until there is overwhelming 'back up' present. The exceptions are few, and even most of those involve the constable having no choice but to defend himself.
Did everyone catch Sen Chuck Schumer's first rip into what appears to be the start of a rift with Obama. The man publicly and plainly said that crafting and passing Obamacare when the Dems had Congress was not what they were elected to do in 2006 and 2008. But what they were elected to do was to forge a comprehensive immigration bill. Unsaid but clearly implied was that such a Democrat immigration bill would have made amnesty and indefinitely open borders the law of the land, and therefore guaranteed and endlessly growing cohort of voters loyal to the Democratic party. And I believe he nailed it, but given Obama's last resort 'executive action', all may not be lost if the Repubs can't develop an America First narrative for border security and a fair and just path to citizenship for the current crop of illegals.
MichaelK 437pm - Thank you for the kind words, but no thank you on the political office suggestion. For their exercise my leadership skills need an environment in which I can speak my mind. That greatly reduced my operating space to the military (but only at company grade officer level making clear that I was not going for a career) and the corporate world. As we know, politicians have to carefully watch every word they utter, lest an opponent can spin it into a career ending epithet. (However, things may be changing given Lindsay Graham's calling the latest House report on Benghazi "a bunch of crap". Whoulda thought?)
PaulE 1034am - Nothing of the sort. But I have a proposal to make. Since I like to talk about current events and issues with an eye toward possible future solutions, and you like to talk about the woulda/coulda/shouldas of the past for the apparent purpose of convincing readers to ignore the present because it's an old story and no longer relevant - so let's just leave it at that. I'll devote my (biased) attention to the here and now, while you devote your (fair and balanced) attention to the there and then. That way we'll cover all the bases.
PaulE 840am - 'The National Security Archive' you cite is not what it seems - read their 'About' declarations. I was alerted to their leftwing spin-rich interpretation of the Iran-Contra affair when I ran into their casual reference to Reagan as "the Teflon President" in an otherwise seemingly straight piece. I don't think that resolving Reagan's role/knowledge of the affair is possible today by citing partisan sources that desire to either protect or convict Reagan post hoc. But it does provide for a debate that passes time when you have nothing better to do.
Another interesting conversation between MichaelK et al and PaulE, one that we've had here on many occasions. PaulE adopts the classical counter when the current administration is criticized by bringing up a past to make the argument that the present is nothing different. His implied counsel is that because of this, we should neither protest present transgressions nor try to change them (for all such change is launched by giving voice to the need). However, all PaulE succeeds in doing is either diverting or diluting the initial criticism as he attempts to change the subject. But we've all known that for years, and this go around will not be the last. 'Leave my guy alone because your guy did that too.' So how do we correct the future without criticizing the present? For some, that is not even the objective.
But the bottom line is under Reagan the Monroe Doctrine was implemented in the sense that Nicaragaua did not become a client state of the USSR. And under Obama we have had the biggest foreign policy failure (in too many dimensions to count) since the Left and the lamestream talked America out of victory in Vietnam (this according to the North Vietnamese).
Gregory 233pm - I don't know, I may be off base here, but I think that acknowledging communications on FUE's blog serves only to accredit the beast. That venue is sparsely read, and then only by those who demand no content and have even less ability to consider and contend ideas that are current and critical to the life of our nation. What you say is true, but for some reason I don't look kindly on RR being used as a surrogate conduit for conversations with other blogs that prohibit such debates and repartees on their own pages. It's as if they are too elevated to sully themselves with such give and take; better for them to just issue dicta ex cathedra.
I draw your kind attention to this post's 24nov14 update.
JoeK 1100am - NPR and PBS have long been known by the conservative side as being media outlets for progressive viewpoints and causes. Conservatives have nothing to gain from accusing media outlets promoting their views of doing the opposite. Educated people have little trouble discerning, for example, how a newscast or a commentary is composed and phrased to advocate a viewpoint. Since you are alluding "numerous content analysis studies" that counter the 'liberal viewpoint' assertion, please share a couple of these with us so we can consider their source(s).
I draw your kind attention to today's update.
BillT 1243am - You may be right Mr Tozer. But at best it's only a backhanded jobs program since it will not induce more US citizens to find jobs. And it will only reduce the job numbers if more than 62% of the newly added legal residents of working age enter the workforce, and of those more than 94% actually find jobs. Otherwise, not so good. But what the hey, God invented numbers to be played with, and Team Obama has some of the best numbers players in Washington (double entendre intended).
ToddJ 131pm - Thanks Todd, was not aware that personal insults had become so well researched. Nevertheless, I'm not happy about ad hominem mudballs no matter how well they are documented. Frisch has a long record of promoting faulty and just plain wrong ideas within and without his SBC umbrella. Methinks these should serve as sufficient fodder to debate the man. For example, go back to his promotion of AB32 during the Prop23 debate. Everything he claimed for California's Global Warming Solutions Act was flat wrong. One could then call him a liar, but there is a much gentler explanation for his support of the travesty that the rest of us knew was coming. The man is a stuffed shirt and nowhere near as bright as his audience holds him; you see, he really believed all that crap that came out of CARB and their consultants. It is this kind of copy that he spews which we should oppose and expose. Having him come back and then call us racists or whatever, reveals his mettle and manner to the observant reader.