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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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BillT 203pm - For space travel you are right of course Mr Tozer. However that use of the CC has long been pioneered in sci-fi movies (e.g. '2001'). I'm contending that my concept is ripe for today provided research shows that such electrical and/or chemical anesthetics are safe for use on airlines. If so, then it's a matter of running out some numbers and then doing the indicated systems design.
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BobH 1130am - Agreed. This is only my meager effort to improve the service.
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Speaking of a time to stand up, a correspondent sent me this Christmas poem -
George Rebane This morning’s WSJ report (here) on how airlines are making economy class air travel even less inviting jogged some memories of a new concept that I’ve discussed with my technology development buddies over the years. Maybe now that... Continue reading
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BillT 101pm - Mr Tozer et al, please note that we have a post that invites your comments and counsel about the Dakota/Lakota situation here - Many thanks.
DonB 1052pm - Great memories and artifacts to cherish and pass on. Thanks for sharing.
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GeorgeB 103pm - Drats! and here we were hoping that our 40-plan for conquest would never be discovered. I guess the jig's up. Now as a fellow recipient of Pelline's ongoing vitriol Mr Boardman, you may be interested in the links below. On another note our Designated Reader emails me a copy of the FUE's attack comment stream wherein he has now apparently checked off another Alinsky protocol - he actually is now claiming to be the VICTIM (can't make this stuff up) of all the assaults he has launched against RR and its commenters, all backed up with easily refuted lies available through casual perusal of our respective blogs. He highlights my correction of his resigning from The Union. The poor dingbat doesn't understand that I gave him the benefit of the doubt by then reporting he had resigned (not "dismissed" as he again erroneously misquotes me) instead of being laid off as not delivering enough value to cover his cost. Oh well - That he is a practiced practitioner of yellow journalism - he just makes stuff up - is documented here - And here is further evidence of the how the now aggrieved FUE deported himself during the past decade - More examples abound and may be found by just typing in 'Jeff Pelline' into the search window near the top of the left sidebar. This guy truly is a piece of work.
The push back letters re Ms Hodge's columns keep coming in to The Union. We note that no one wants to silence her, but only contend her viewpoints. Here is the latest from a Mr Bill Neville - Apparently my sin was identifying her early as an ideologue with her own unique agenda and reasoning powers. Again, no implication of having her stop her offerings. However, I would like to see her in a dialogue/debate re her ideas instead of just launching these 'fire and forget' columns. It would be most illuminating.
George Rebane As we observe the 75th anniversary of ‘The day that will live in infamy’, it is good to reflect on what brought about that day, and several such days since then. Traditionally isolationists in the early 20th century... Continue reading
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fish 413pm & Russ 438pm - Where oh where are all the loony lefties who have given me crap for most of the past decade when I prognosticated that there is a Great Divide in the offing? They are now hiding behind their cricket chorus with their heads up where the sun doesn't shine. But the more important point for the careful reader of these pages is that NOTHING that the progressives have foretold about the impact of public policies or the tenor of public opinions (including the past election) has come to pass. And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to notice that they will continue with their hubristic outpourings as if the past didn't happen. In their worldview all non-corroborating history just doesn't exist.
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George Rebane The recent election did nothing to unite us as Americans. Half of us are still shocked that the election didn’t turn out as ‘everyone’ was told it would. And as the shock wears off, the losing side is... Continue reading
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[Let the rumpus continue! gjr] Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
Administrivia - Due to Pelline's continuing attacks on me and my MIM board membership, I've decided to re-publish the entire thread in this sandbox containing the exchange with the FUE. My more complete response is forthcoming in a separate post. The comments to this sandbox are closed with the new one ready for your contributions.
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George Rebane Kudos to Mr George Boardman, Union columnist, for his excellent article in this morning’s paper on the pipeline brouhaha at Standing Rock. He takes to task numerous groups of people assembling there with various agendas trying to make... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
Jeff Pelline is both an embarrassment and a disgrace. His banal blog's prime focus is to attempt engagement in the discussions on RR for which he is abysmally unprepared, so his alternative to build his readership is to denigrate RR and its readers on his own blog, and from time to time also to attempt to inject himself into RR's comment streams. This Saturday evening he was successful because Jo Ann and I were at the Amaral Center attending a Christmas Sing Along presented by Music in the Mountains. When we got home the damage was done, and I have had to spend time cleaning up the crap. My apologies for not nipping this in the bud earlier.
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We will enshrine Jeff Pelline's 336pm as Exhibit A, along with his clear and forthright admission of a limited ken.
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Gregory 937am - Your slightest wish is my whim, or something like that ;-)
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[Mea culpa for the delay. BTW, for some time now we see a lively debate going on within these pages between RR readers and Jeff Pelline who constantly posts gratuitous, childish, and just plain ignorant attacks on all who debate... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Rebane's Ruminations
fish 633am - Mr fish, I'm pretty sure they're not "oblivious" to what they do across the nation and also in Nevada County. What other words would you use to describe those who plan and purposely execute vandalism and mayhem on political expression they oppose??
GeorgeB 242pm - "Why should the rich get a bigger tax cut than anybody else?" And pray how do you assess the size of tax cuts Mr Boardman? Your methodology does not conform to any kind of arithmetic with which I am familiar. Perhaps it is underpinned by an irrefutable math-free logic to which you and yours are privy. Describing that and then discussing its motivation and parameters should provide entertainment all around.
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GeorgeB 155pm - You are no doubt correct in how that game is played Mr Boardman. The only hope we have with Trump is that his other policies - e.g. on regs, taxes, and industry impactive insanities like preventable global warming and rogue agencies like the EPA and IRS - will permit GDP growth at rates not seen in modern times. With Trump there is a possibility (albeit low probability) of that; with Hillary our trajectory off the cliff was assured. Remember, we don't know what all accelerating technology will deliver in these pre-Singularity years. For sure, tomorrow will not be like all the yesterdays as our progressive statists cum stasists continue to insist.
PaulE 1034pm - There will be no guarantees with Trump's policies since he, like Reagan, also inherits a disastrous level of debt and debt service costs, a world at war with (radical?) Islam, a foreign policy in complete tatters, and a debilitated and lobotomized military. In addition to Gregory's 753am, both Reagan then and Trump now will have to spend extra to rebuild our military up to a level that's credible to the Putins, Xis, Khameneis, ... of the world.
PaulE 717pm - Am not sure about which "sound policies" you are referencing.
PaulE 706pm - give me a break Paul; go read the extensive papers at Heritage, Cato, and American Enterprise Institutes on the cost of regulations. Even Brookings may have something on it, but I doubt that they have succumbed to the embarrassment. To see what both sides are saying about Trump's regulatory rollback plans, you might want to peek at Fox News and Fox Business. This will show you what both sides are saying, instead of the one-sided claptrap that comes out lamestream outlets like NYT, WaPo, AP, CNN, MSNBC, ... whose loyal consumers reside in eternal darkness.