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Wooot! Congratulations - this IS a best of show ribbon for a fabric dyer, hip hip HOOORAY!!!! Well deserved for this stunner!!!!
So cool! I wonder, could you make these into cabinet handles/pulls???
Lovely!!! I've got some color magnet just sitting in a cupboard, I need to find the time to play with it!
WHenever you talk about your allergies, it just blows my mind! Chlorophyll!!! ANyway, I've got a friend with a little girl who has egg and nut allergies and I'm sending this to her, sounds like aquafaba could be really useful to her!!!
That view of the Tetons across the lake is FABULOUS! When you blogged about your cabin the other day I was wondering if it was oneof the ones my Brother-in-law told me about last year, and today I see that it is!!! When we went to see Liam play with NYO last year I tried to rent one of them but they were already booked, the owner was very nice. I want to go back there, not it the cards this summer, but maybe next year...and if we plan far enough in advance maybe we'll get in one of the slide lake cabins!!!
I remember how much trouble you had with the APQS upgrade, I also remember thinking how calm you were being about it all! ;-) I'm so happy you found an awesome tool, it shows in not only your work but your attitude!!!! Hooray!
THat Ori-nui (tatewaku) is FABULOUS! I've done a bit of stitched resists and they are a PITA!! I also tried machine stitching and wasn't happy with the results...hopefully you have more success than I do!
This is lovely! And knock me over, until I read your blog I had no idea there were 6 different pieces of fabric, bravo with the blending!
Wow! This is great! Perfect use of her fabric!!!
That hand painted wall is AWESOME!
I'm so confused, because the center looks pretty center to me! Oh wait, I went back up one more to bottom it isn't centered, phew I thought I was going insane! ;-) I love these fractured quilts, and this will look great on a bed!
Yep, it's stunning! The way you use the hand dyed fabric in the outer border is awesome!!! What a lucky couple!
THis is so awesome in every way!!!! What a lucky lady! And the pillowcase is awesome too!!!!
ooh Ooh Definitely the colors in the corners would be a great way to end this lovely quilt! Becky's quilt is lovely too!
i like 1 & 3, 3 probably a wee bit more!!!
Wow!!!! What an amazing collaboration!!!! I'll bet you slept well those nights too! :-)
Fingers crossed this car repair and new fridge are the end to the money out for awhile!!!
oooh, cool cool cool! I especially like the one on the far left! I need to work on my abstracting so things are more...abstract, LOL! It also sounds like your new machine is working out really well, hooray!
Yup, nothing like something hanging over your head to get in the way of creativity! Hooray for getting that tax stuff out of the way!
Thank you for sharing this with us Vicki. Both your father in law and Col. Bowen are obviously special men who spent their life in service. I thank both your families for your service (because the families of our servicemen and womean are big a part of that service).
Wow, that's quite a difference on those test pieces! I'm sure your Mom loves it, even if the irridescence was facing the wrong way...and yes, dining rooms ARE overratted! Ours is the music/practice room for hubby and the boys!
Wow Vicki, incredible work here! Thanks so much for such detailed info, I'm sure this was really stressful to deal with!
Your grandfather took a job as a janitor so he could see you and your brother every day - what an amazing man! What a gift to you both!
Having to reinforce the flooring because of the weight of the fabric...yikes, I shall not be mentiong this to my hubby! LOL! THanks for doing this, its great for folks to see the whole picture!