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@deworde I found our weekly team (IT) meetings essential. We use this time to split up tasks for the week and discuss details of longer term issues. We have very few meetings otherwise. Also our team is split over two buildings and a telecommuter, so once a week we get to actually talk through issues rather than relying to heavily on our already overfull email systems. On the other hand our once a month company wide meetings take no less than 2 hours, and mainly serve to spread information such as new hires and job changes (after the full office tour and the series of emails related to new hires and job changes), announce board meetings and agendas and remind us of the company mission statement and associated company "commitments". Then there is usually some long winded diatribe status update. Last week we got a treat though. At our annual retreat (like an all company meeting but 2 days long) we realized that we didn't know what every other person in the company did. Never mind that you know who does the things that relate to your own work... Anyways, we all wrote down the "3" things our job consists of, then we presented them to the group. There are over 50 in our organization and in an 1hr 45min we made it through 10, before they cut us off and decided the we would pick up where we left off at the next meeting. I was one of those 10 and let everyone know what I did in less than 1 min.
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I seriously wonder how you haven't broken the ignition in your steering column after dangling so much weight.
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Dec 13, 2011