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Karen, The changes in the May compliance rate after the original report could be for two reasons: 1) The Compliance Report is prepared a couple of days before the end of the month. When next month's report is sent, the Compliance Rate for the past month will be revised to include the Electronic Export Information (EEI) transmitted for the days that that were not included. 2) Some critical elements of the EEI were updated after the departure. Although AES allows you to update most of the EEI data elements after the departure without generating a compliance alert, there are some critical elements that if changed, trigger compliance alertst. Among these critical data elements are: the USPPI ID Number, the number of commodity lines reported, and/or used vehicle information. To find out the Shipment Reference Number for shipments with compliance alerts, contact an AES representative at the FTD Call Center at 1-800-549-0595 Option 1. Please have ready your company's Filer ID for the representative to be able to locate your Compliance Report.
Beth, Thanks for your question. The Compliance Report sent by FTD is based on your Filer ID number (usually your Employer Identification Number). Because of this, our systems can only prepare the report based on the Filer ID and not on the shipments filed on behalf of the USPPI. The freight forwarders receive their reports, but their reports includes the shipments filed on your behalf and those filed on behalf of other companies and uses them to calculate their compliance rate. If you want to request a report of all of the shipments filed for your company, with either you as the filer or those done forwarders on your behalf, you can contact our Regulations, Outreach and Education Branch at 1-800-549-0595 Option 3. They can prepare and send you a report with this information. Hope this helps Beth. As always, if you need more details or have other questions, please let us know!
Wendy, The Shipment Manager only allows you to search for EEI filed by your company under that account. It doesn't allow you to search for the data filed by a freight forwarder. The freight forwarder would need to provide you, at your request, the data they have filed on your behalf. If you have additional questions, please let us know.
Lynda, Thanks for the comment! We're using the current font size to try to fit all of the information on only one page. One option that you have to make the font a bit bigger is to change the 'Page Orientation' from 'Portrait' to 'Landscape', under your Printer Properties. If you consider the font still too small, you can always download the search output as a spreadsheet CVS file by selecting the 'Download' option. From there, you can update the font size and other features as you find more convenient. Hope this helps. If you have any other comments or questions, let us know!
Jerry - Thanks for your comment! Lee- Compliance alerts are generated based on how you file your Electronic Export Information (EEI). For example, if you file a date of export that's after the date of filing (this happens pretty often when people forget what the date is), or if you change critical data after the date of export, then a compliance alert is generated based on the restrictions set in the Foreign Trade Regulations. The alerts are triggered when certain fields are filed incorrectly or changed after the date of export, such as the date of export, license fields, used vehicle information or information on the USPPI. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) makes sure the information is correct. For example, say you filed an EEI for a shipment leaving from the Los Angeles International Airport but, by mistake, you reported JFK International Airport as the port of export. The system doesn't recognize the mistake. Once again, that's why agents verify shipments against the EEI reported in AES before they depart the country. Hope this helps Lee. I'll make sure to go more into details about the different compliance alerts on my next blog. If you have any additional questions or need more information, please let me know!
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Sep 2, 2010