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Cornwall UK
Artisan builder-landscaper
Interests: nature, non-religious spirituality, conservation, human evolution and history and our place in the universal scheme, the challenge for humanity to evolve into to a more peaceful species in harmony with the web of life and of course my family...
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In the 1990s I liven in Borneo for 6 years working for a charity doing sustainable village development. Most of my time I was amongst the Penan people (recently displaced from their hunter gatherer lifestyle by logging and government resettlement schemes). I spent months at a time with them sometimes in what remained of the primary rain forest in the hills of Sarawak. The logging and wholesale destruction of the forest as well as the systematic destruction of cultures due to development and resource theft affected me profoundly (but not so much as it does the Penan and other indigenous people there, obviously). So when I took my son to see Avatar it touched me very very deeply! I am not ashamed to say that I shed tears, especially when the bulldozers moved in. This Fantasy film has a profound message that I hope touches the hearts and minds of people all over the world. I hope that the sentiment is not lost and that it motivates people to be passionate and actively care for our own beautifull planet before we bulldoze the lot. WELL DONE, To everyone who was involved in this film it truly is from so many perspectives THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME TO DATE....
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Jan 18, 2010