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You mean the liberal judge first appointed by Ronald Reagan (who's nomination did not succeed because of opposition by democrats)? Who was finally appointed by George H.W. Bush? You must also mean the liberal attorney fighting against Prop 8 Ted Olson who served as W's solicitor general and won Gore v. Bush. Read the ruling, Z. The expert testimony was from economists, psychiatrists, the list goes on. Denying children's parents the right to marry hurts them. I'm still waiting for your explanation on how you can hold a moral position that hurts children.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2011 on Gay marriage issue at Unfettered Letters
Oh for heaven's sake, not even close, JM. Though I'm not surprised you are missing my point as it is an uncomfortable place to be to realize your moral position hurts children. I was referring to Proposition 8 in California that was overturned by Judge Walker. Testimony provided during the Prop 8 trial proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that not allowing gays to marry hurts their children, as outlined by the judge in his written decision (see earlier post for link). So how do you justify a moral opinion that hurts children? - or is the problem that the child has been born...
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2011 on Gay marriage issue at Unfettered Letters
But there is proof that denying gay parents the right to marry hurts their children - this was well documented by Judge Vaughn Walker when he ruled against Prop 8 in California. You can read the whole ruling at: So the actual harm done to children by denying their parents the chance to marry is not addressed in the Bible or by God. Gay marriage resulting in stable households for kids strengthens the bonds of society, not weakens them.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2010 on Gay marriage issue at Unfettered Letters
Meh, smokers can cry me a river. I have never lived in a place where I see so many people throw their butts out the car window. Disgusting habit, inconsiderate people.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2010 on Secondhand smoke at Unfettered Letters
And Buffet wouldn't be a very smart billionaire businessman if he did that, would he? Blame the republicans. They love loopholes that help their rich friends. The tax system needs another reaganesque reform.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2010 on Democrats do care at Unfettered Letters
In the wrong place at the wrong time? To me this letter really highlights the difference between rural and city views of gun laws. Randy is obviously completely oblivious to the current gang violence rocking the Kansas City core. This story is particularly telling because no arrests have been made - I can't even tell if police are still on the case. And things could've been so much worse if the four people in the car had guns and there was a gun fight with stray bullets flying everywhere and taking out more innocent people - including little kids - which has happened. The city needs less guns. And the gang problem needs to be creatively addressed by the mayor and city council.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2010 on Senseless homicides at Unfettered Letters
Oh I don't know, Anne seems to pretty much epitomize the quandary the tea party finds itself in. The tea party is kind of like a teenager - angry and blustery without quite knowing why - just a lot of swirling feelings. It's all part of the process, tea party...
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2010 on Soaking we, the people at Unfettered Letters
Hmmmm...I'm not sure Anna has studied up on the tea party platform - she seems to be against every deficit-cutting proposal and for social security. Maybe a new political party is in order? PS, the Justice Department sued to stop Arizona's immigration law because it was unconstitutional - a niggling fact conservatives like to forget. On the other hand, both Anna and the tea party don't have much respect for the constitution - maybe they should stick together.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2010 on Soaking we, the people at Unfettered Letters
I think he's called black because in 1955 he would've had to sit in the back of the bus and eat lunch out back, and drink from the "colored" fountain. Can't have it both ways, Richard.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2010 on Obama's GOP friends at Unfettered Letters
I don't want national security published all over the web, however, the US classifies some seriously stupid sh*t. I'm a bit worried that we classify SO much, that something important won't be well protected. Also, having info regarding the financial meltdown is VERY interesting to me as our government as fallen down on the job of figuring out why my 401K is worth several thousand dollars less than it was in 2001 and prosecuting the theifs. Personal e-mail of big bank execs? Bring them on.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2010 on Wikileaks truth telling at Unfettered Letters
I got the enhanced pat down in SLC this morning...I got a "Merry Christmas!" afterwords, so I hope they liked it ;-)
Wikileaks met with a call for further censorship. No thank you. There is a lot to be said about the leaks. But the response to the leaks is more worrisome than the leaks themselves. Think: Visa, Mastercard and other banks have shut down transactions that involve wikileaks. Apple removed their app that would let readers see the wikileaks website. There is an entire cyber war going on over this information. We had all better pay close attention to everything about this leak. Our freedom will depend on it.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2010 on Left coastal noise at Unfettered Letters
Very very good idea. I would love to flood the Phelp's mailbox with thank yous from Planned Parenthood.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2010 on Love overcomes hate at Unfettered Letters
Palin is wrong on many things, yet...I can only hope and pray that she treats her conservative primary opponents like she did that halibut...
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2010 on Palin wrong on hunting at Unfettered Letters
"no fear of being voted out of office." Hmmm...perhaps that is because she is doing a good job of pursuing her constituents interests? Whenever this misogynistic hatred of Pelosi ends, she will be remembered as one of the great speakers of the house. As much as our conservative friends will hate it. Boehner will emulate Pelosi, you can bet your vote on it.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2010 on Pelosi's excesses at Unfettered Letters
Conservatives tend to have higher numbers in donations because they are very good at paying their tithes. This is typical of where I grew up: convert, and you'll get all the help you need.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2010 on Scrooge lives in U.S. at Unfettered Letters
Oh Gary, you weren't completely disgusted by the special interest advertising the last election cycle? The union advertising was certainly matched by all the traitor Rove shadow groups. Soros, the Koch brothers - it was horrible. I don't know how this will be fixed legally - the supremes really screwed us on this one.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2010 on Cash pollutes elections at Unfettered Letters
The bigots on this thread make me sooooo glad DADT was repealed. I mean, I'm happy for so many other reasons that this injustice was corrected, but you guys are just the icing on the cake. I don't suppose it matters to you DADT was going to be found unconstitutional. It's obvious the constitution is only your document part time.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2010 on Don’t ask, don’t tell at Unfettered Letters
I only feel sorry for the intelligent republicans that might be stuck supporting her, but, you've made your own bed...
Ish. A small, prickish move, to be expected from a small, prickish woman. Plus, it would've been funnier if she'd have brought vats of ketchup, which is where republicans set the bar for child nutrition.
Pfft. What was I thinking. By all means lets profile all the square boxes with brown wrapping tied with rope twine. That should catch about everything.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on Profiling a good tool at Unfettered Letters
What is that I hear from the tea party??? (crickets chirping) Yet the democrats are the bad guys for mentioning the cost of this thing? Are there really any republicans out there that think this "compromise" is anything other than a 900 billion stimulus package? I guess Obama really does have you hoodwinked.
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2010 on Do Democrats care? at Unfettered Letters
Oh yeah, I'm sure the hedge fund managers out there are doing it because of the 15% tax rate. At 35% they will just up and quit. In fact, why does anyone work at all if it puts them in a higher tax bracket?
I'm guessing at this point these guys money is coming from investments and stock options, profits of which are taxed at the 15% capital gains rate. Capital gains needs to be restructured to be taxed like income. It is ridiculous that hedge fund managers making billions are taxed at 15%.
Also hilarious is how the tea party so extremely caved on the deficit when it comes to tax cuts for the rich. So predictable.
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2010 on Wrong-way economics at Unfettered Letters