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Kristy Golubiewski-Davis
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Oh, boo. I'm sorry to hear that. I did some rooting around, and Amazon Instant Video is indeed only available in the US. Sorry to give you hope and then take it away, I was just so happy that it actually was available online, I hadn't thought about the fact that they might restrict it by country (which I quite frankly can't understand why).
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Hi! I wanted to point everyone to a place where you can legally watch falling skies online: Amazon Video on Demand ( You can purchase each episode for $2 there, full seasons are often cheaper. I am a cable cutter myself and use them for SciFi, TnT, and a few other channels that aren't available for free on Hulu or the channel's own website. Incidentally, it is where I get my Eureka fix... Personally, I think it's a really good in between for premium channels that don't want to provide content for free. There are no commercials, and at $2 an episode, I can pay for the shows I want to watch (and only those I want to watch, saving me money). All of the shows I watch through them are available by the next morning (so I watch Eureka on Tuesdays), but I only know that through personal experience. There is no language guaranteeing that to be the case. Thought that might be useful to those like me.. Now, if you will kindly excuse me, I have a new show to go check out.
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Jun 10, 2012