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The problem I have with FCC control is I feel the bureaucracy will just be lobbied and captured and regulation used against us... kind of like the AT&T example. It took the force of law to let AT&T squelch the Hush-A-Phone. Why would the first choice be to run right back to government when some very very large corporations (Google) have a vested interest in fast moving bits and lots of bandwidth for consumers? Sure, we might secure free flow of traffic today, but what about when we inevitably have to settle for bandwidth caps? What will the FCC rule, then? I don't pay the same amount for electricity as my neighbors? I am metered. I feel it is inevitable that we will have to recognize the unfairness of grandma paying the same to send an email and visit two web sites as a college student downloading 50 to 100 music albums a day. Sure, I don't care about the contents of the bits, either. But I do care that there is a limited amount of bandwidth and as more people get online, we simply can't create new bandwidth out of thin air without, you know... paying for it. The Net Neutrality term is awfully overloaded. Does it mean deciding on "fast lanes" for certain data or does it mean tiered data plans for customers? Does it mean something else? Does it apply to all traffic? What about traffic over wireless phone networks? I'm not sure we know what version of the term the FCC decided to use. Personally, I'd rather see the evilness play out first before deciding how to let government get involved. There is an earlier claim that: Not to trample on an ideology that I agree with on almost every issue, but clearly one answer (government == bad) is insufficient for all economic questions. It just does NOT hold up to reality, even if you define the "good" answer as the one resulting in the greatest economic growth! The FASTEST growing major economy in the world (by an order of magnitude to the USA) is China, hardly a bastion of libertarianism. Yes, but the ends do not always justify the means. Sometimes we take liberty over efficiency. Not saying that is an absolute, but it should be the first instinct until proven impossible. Put me in the: "Someday maybe but not in prior restraint" club on FCC regulation.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2011 on The Importance of Net Neutrality at Coding Horror
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Feb 28, 2011