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boil some linguine. while it's boiling, sautee jarred sundried tomatoes, jarred roasted bell peppers, garlic, and jarred artichoke hearts. no need to add oil, since the 3 jarred veggies come packed in oil. Serve over pasta topped with salt, pepper, and romano cheese if you can eat it (I'm lactose intolerant, I skip the cheese).
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2010 on Quick Dinner at Yarn-A-Go-Go
YAY BOOK! How to Knit a Love Song was my gateway drug into romantic fiction. I have yet to find one that is as well-written and non-cheesetastic as yours. But I keep looking, because well-written, non-rosy-colored-glasses smut (yes, I called it that; it's a compliment in my world) is a great thing, and so very rare, it seems. Can't wait for the new one!
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I started a pair of Earl Grey socks for a man I'd only been dating for two months. They were the first thing I'd knit for someone other than family in a long time, and given the negative reaction to my knitting by my ex-husband, making something for a man with whom I'd become intimate was an emotional challenge. That's what made it hard - not the knitting itself, but the emotional challenge of it. He wears them all the time, and understands that the subtext of "I don't knit for just anyone, you know" is "I love you, you big stubborn man," so I consider them a success.
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Mar 30, 2010