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Chuck Goolsbee
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When I was a kid our small town ice rink sold soft pretzels. They were awesome on a scale that only exists in childhood memories. I have always pursued that awesomeness as an adult, and it has consistently eluded me. No pretzel since has ever been as warm, crusty, salty, and wonderful as that ice rink pretzel. Maybe it was the overload of senses that overwhelms a rink rat in their natural habitat: the cold, the vapors of the Zamboni, the worn, perpetually wet wood of the boards, the fogged glass, the tape balls strewn all over like runaway Tribbles, the rubber floor, and constant funk of old skates and hockey bags. Combine all that with the odd icy-hot feeling of coming off the rink and biting into that salty/crusty/soft/doughy pretzel that, when you were a kid was as big as your head. Damn I miss that.
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You MUST go to Scoff's on Hastings, just east of the old PNE where the Canucks of old played. Just walking into this shop is so ... puttin'-on-the-foil-coach-old-time-hockey that words alone can not describe it. Even if you just wander around, eyeball the memorabilia on the walls, lurk to the point where you end up buying a roll of tape ... just to go through the experience. Seriously. --chuck (oh yeah I almost forgot… [[secret goalie handshake]] )
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Apr 8, 2010