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America is fighting back and winning, first Maine, then Loudoun, Virginia and now REJECTED in Allentown The Gulenists (Gulencis) did win their expansion school in Mass. Pioneer Charter School of Science II, and a few in NJ (sizeable Turkish population) They are persistant and will not stop. They understand if they have 10 applications at once, a few will be approved. Their goal is to have 600 schools in the USA and dominate education, politics, media, everything as they have in Turkey. Now sadly they have the highest rate of journalists jailed for daring to discuss the Imam's Ordusu (Imam's Army) and have infiltarated the Military. Look out America, you can win if you stick together and fight back. These Americans have proven this. Don't depend on your politicians to help you. It is the AMerican people who will win. (for list of Gulen schools in the USA)
Another good site to research news and LEGAL issues of the Concept schools is called Charter School Watchdog. This site is by ex-teachers of the Gulen managed Ohio based Horizon Science Academies. Particularly read "See Sam Squirm" refering to Salim Ucan who is one of the big cheeses at Concept Schools which manages Quest Charter Academy in Peoria, IL. There is so much proof on these Gulen Charter Schools even Ray Charles could see it.
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To learn more about the Gulen operation in Illinois you must look to the Gulen NGOs that surround the schools. For instance in the midwest, the Gulen ran and operated Concept Schools out of Ohio manages the Gulen Charter Schools in the Midwest (Including the troubled Chicago Math and Science Academy -CMSA as well as Gulenist ran Quest Charter Academy in Peoria, IL) Concept Schools is currently under investigation in OHIO for it's Turkocentric business practices and other financial mismanagment. They recently paid the state back $13,000 which was Educational funds used to pay for the families of h1-b visa employees. Look at the money trail of Quest Charter Academy.
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The Gulen Movement is an insidious group that works under the direction of exiled Islamic Imam Fethullah Gulen “You must work into the arteries of the system until you reach all power centers” The Gulen Movement or Hizmet have done this via: Education, politics, media, police, judiciary system, interfaith dialog and now the last is the struggle for control of the military in Turkey. These 120+ charter schools ran by followers of the Gulen Movement in the USA are nothing new, these schools are worldwide and the SAME ingredient of establishing front groups around the schools which feed off of the schools. In the USA they have created companies that supply to the schools and ONLY use thier members so they can Tuzuk (donate) back to the Gulen NGOs that have been established. Make no mistake about it, American tax money is supporting a foreign religious movement. They will lie, cajole, manipulate, threaten, blackmail, bribe then play “victim” of Islamophobia when they are confronted. They are cunning but NOT good educators – the schools are failing and below standard. They were boasting of the schools having “Turkish scholars” but of late their new buzz advertisement (they are masters of advertising, marketing and public relations) is “100% college acceptance” GEE, every student who applies to a jr. college or community college is accepted, the schools just make sure each student fills out an application. To learn more research Ex-FBI Turkish Translator Sibel Edmonds and learn why she calls this group “100% threat to American security” Also read the works of Dr. Joshua Hendrick or Dr. Aland Mizell. http://www.gulenschoolsworldwideUSA.blogspotcom (for list of US Gulen Schools)
Merhaba Jim; It would be interesting to hear your opinion of the latest FBI investigation on the Gulen charter schools in the USA. Perhaps you can influence the Gulen Movement/ Hizmet to become transparent when they are asked about their involvement and about the American tax money. Dr. Joshua Hendricks a former paid speaker for the movement has asked them to "come clean" Also, we would like to know what your opinion is of the Gulen schools being shut down in Turkmenistan and the investigation in Moldive? Or maybe a comment on the 60 journalists in Turkey that have been jailed because they dare to write the truth (Imam Ordusu) or Imam's Army. Is this justice, peace and democracy? We hope you can influence your Gulen friends in Turkey to release the journalists that they have labeled as "Ergenekon"
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Thats nothing Daniels is also in bed with the Gulen Movement's "Holy Dove Foundation" in Indiana which has honored Daniels with gifts and honors at their stupid lying interfaith dinners. Daniels has recently passed some lenient Charter Schools laws that could possibly benefit Gulen's IMSA (Indiana Math and Science Academy) This is a crime what Daniels is up to. without a doubt the Gulen Movement is all behind this. They are attempting this same manipulation and control of: Interfaith dialog, education, media, police, politics and military here in the USA. Currently they manage over 120+ US charter schools and use $ millions every year of tax payers money intended for education to launder it to their many Gulen NGOs.
Another interesting feature of the Gulen Movement GM (aka Cemaat or Hizmet) is they will attack anyone that exposes their fake "scholar" leader Fethullah Gulen. As the poster above "Carole Jones" indicates, this group will stoop so low as to act like satisfied American parents and students. Worldwide the Gulen Movement will cajole, manipulate, bribe, blackmail, intimidate, threaten or play victim with words like "Islamophobia" to expand the Gulen Movement's businesses. Many ex members of GM have been burned by this group. GM attempts to manipulate and control: Academia, politicians, media and other local religious groups with awards and honors bestowed upon them at their many Interfaith dinners that don't amount to any more than putting on a show. These same people are frequently given FREE trips to Turkey especially in areas where they want to expand the schools. Recently the Gulen NGO -Raindrop Turkish House in Texas, sent a few members of the local school board to Turkey, in June 2010 the mayor of Firestone, CO Chad Auer was sent to Turkey by the Mosaic Foundation (another Gulen NGO). The Lotus School of Excellence in Aurora, CO has been trying unsuccessfully to expand into Longmont, CO they have been turned down and have now hired an attorney. Please check out. list of schools Another point to add to Bill above is the Gulen Movement will shamelessly convert churches or Catholic Schools to one of their charter schools. In Aurora, CO they lease the old LifeBridge Church and in St. Louis, MO Gateway Science Academy leased the St. Epiphaney's Parochial School that closed and are cautiously infiltrating the community with home visits, weekly breakfasts with parents. GM will use tactics like this even using words like our "Gateway Science Family" in newsletters while slowly working into exposing the community to Turkish culture, language, etc., Before you know it they will have a Turkish Olympiad - currently there are 8 in the USA then the winners perform at Gulen's Turkish Olympiad in Istanbul. Complete with all children singing the Turkish national anthem and waving the flag of Turkey which is actually the symbol of Islam. GM is emphasizing to their world wide schools that Turkish is the language of love and peace. I guess Turkey feels everyone should forget about their lofty goals of re establishing a Universal Caliphate. Or that their Christian and minority population in Turkey is treated like second class citizens. Please Do your own research and examine why EX-FBI Turkish Translator Sibel Edmonds calls Gulen "100% threat to American security" and Dr. Aland Mizell's research on the Gulen Movement "Tactics of Islam-working within"
After you are done researching the fair balanced articles above then move on to: Read the new book from former Turkish Intelligence Chief Osman Nuri Gundes, and also the book from former police chief Hanefi Avci, and you shall listen what former Gulenist Nurettin Veren says…. You will find out, Gulen is nothing more than a fifth grade Kurdish imam, who thinks and teaches to his followers that slavery, polygamy and pedophile and discriminating women is normal. He and his followers will not succeed to transform Turkey into an Islamic state. Don´t let him to poison your kids.
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Buie you got to be kidding, are you another paid Gulen tool/fool? The links above are from credible news sources- "The National" and "USA Today" are but a few that have written about the exiled Islamic Imam Muhammed Fethullah Gulen. The links from "Gulen fan" are from Fethos own media owned empire his web sites and or Today's Zaman, Fountain Publishing and ERBU TV. Biased much? Stop drinking the kool aid, Gulen has a specific agenda and that is to infiltrate, manipulate and control: Interfaith dialog, media, politics, education, banking, police and military. Do you read the local Turkish news not owned by Hizmet? Perhaps you would like to comment on why exiled Gulen is a prisoner of his own empire and will never leave the Golden Foundaton compound in Pennsylvannia? Gulen is a wanted man back in Turkey not the big Islamic savior that his followers would have you believe. Did you even read the latest about Gulen and the CIA cooperation regarding Central Asian schools? Read something else besides the spoon fed dribble of the Gulen Movement, it might boost your journalistic skills up better: Here is a start - google articles by: Timothy Stellar Arizona Sun Star Andrew Walden of the Hawaii Free Press Sibel Edmonds- Boiling frogs (ex-FBI Turkish translator) Joel Stein- Washington Post I think it is a fair assumption that as Americans we can still believe the intelligence reports and Wikileaks about Gulen a far cry better than believing the few Gulen Tools and the Hizmet. All research is compiled from government documents, IRS forms, and FOIA (freedom of information act) that in America we still embrace but in Turkey it is censored by the Gulen Movement.
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