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One more cheer for you for encouraging a deeper discussion of the importance of transparency in the era of the Giving Pledge! Like you, I have no advice on how these prospective donors should spend their money. I do, however, have advice for nonprofits who are interested in getting a piece of the action: Make their challenge our challenge, too! Nonprofits need to work collaboratively to set forward some bold new proposals that will attract the interest and charitable investment of the Challenge donors. If nonprofits don't do so, the donors are likely to establish new entities which will. (See for more!) A great deal of media attention has been focused on the potential power of this windfall in private contributions while very little "ink" has been spilled on what it could accomplish. It's time for nonprofits to earn a few cheers of their own by working together, establishing once in a century goals and then reaching out to this new generation of benefactors for a partnership as bold as the investment promised. Jay Frost, Frost on Fundraising,
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Feb 1, 2011