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Paul's the ONLY conservative candidate of either party. Romney 4 example claimed that by Executive order he'd eliminate ObamaCare, showing how stupid he was: Separation of Powers, hello? Only CONGRESS can write law Home Boy! Gingrich is fiscally smart, but he's been married, divorced & walked out HOW many times...? No thanks. Like Pres Obama, Dr. Paul has been faithful to his wife. Santorum MIGHT be alright, but his official campaign page does NOT address making or guaranteeing of student loans by the Federal Government: On Oct 23, 2011, the AP reported that "Paul Calls for End to Federal Student Loan Program," which means that Ron Paul is the ONLY really good candidate on Higher Education & Economy, 2 big issues: Paul's desire to phase out student loans is good since the presence of easy loans causes dishonest colleges to raise tuition to match increased borrowing ability thus causing skyrocketing tuition AND costing tax dollars in the process since tax dollars back student loans!! See THIS funny vid about a question allegedly banned by Fox, and asked of Dr. Paul: For info on higher Education, see my blogs' front-page news: or
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Jan 23, 2012