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Mike Gorgone
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This year's PAX Prime managed to do the impossible for me, and that is to top last year in terms of shear awesome. Probably my favorite moment was during one of my many wanderings through the convention hall I happened to receive a call from my Mom. My attempt at a civilized conversation was cut short though when I was interrupted by the noises coming from the Tell Tale booth, specifically Jurassic Park. My Mom, without missing a beat, asked me, "Was that a T-Rex?" At which point I was forced to simply say, "Yes, yes it was."
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I smiled for some time because of Ryan's photobomb. Thanks for that.
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Of course they only gave the mouse magnets so they could get the static-cheese off the ceiling.
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Poor Patrick. Even his patented wit and charm can't save England on the pitch.
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I would love to make some witty reference to T-pain at the moment but I'm far too white to manage it, so, sorry about that I guess. I'm looking forward to season 4. It's good to see that you're going to be back for it Wil, I was afraid that that button joke on Season 3 was the last we were going to see of that Kilt-clad rogue.
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Indeed. We Portlanders (Portlandies?) loved messers Wheaton, Paul, Storm and Savage for all (Count 'em) four hours and forty five minutes of their three hour show. Way to go guys!
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May 9, 2010