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A damn
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doc's right:) in poland there is a handballer(one of the best in the world) plaing with only one eye. Its not comparable but also impresive
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McGee's was a monster but i take team play by suns. It has everything: 1 - individual great play - nash 2 - poise and thinkig - gortat drive and dish 3 - finish 4 - stake - 2overtime vs block - come on
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By the time KG is in boston you should know that he has his worst nights when schedule is quite light. It's because he practices so hard and gets tired more then he has game after game. Check the stats. By the way, coul'd you guys look for some stats resume of Nads playing vs bigs in LA? It could give us a look at what to expect against the LA
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He knew what he was doing by not signing extension with C's Took the risk to explore market. Circumstances changed (quisy). Trade. Conclusion - his move was bad. New circumstances. Took what was on the table, not to make the same mistake again. Period. I personally don't like authors view. Laws of business dont work backwards. Perk did what C's did moved on, took feelings aside and took care of his business.
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Mar 1, 2011