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This isn't so much a story of tules-lawyerism, as pure oversight on the behalf of the ref team, but anyway. At a LARP game, as part of a linear quest, the big bad at the end of the quest, upon his death, drops an airborne poison, which immediately ages everyone in the area by 500 years - essentially a death sentence to any but unliving creatures. Lots of character death ensues, everyone grumbles and starts to walk back toward the ref tents to start up new characters...until one player suddenly stops and bellows for a referee. Turns out he plays a 'fey' creature, who have no upper age limit, instead growing more powerful for each year they live. Oh...and he had also become a weresomething (i think bear?) which, wouldn't you know it, become more powerful for every year of thier life. The poor guy wasmade to sit out the rest of the event while the plot team tried to work out how the hell to handle what amounted to a level 530 werebear spirit.
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Jun 22, 2010