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This is a tragedy on the level with America’s unwillingness to reign in Gun Ownership – a Government that has become even more incompetent, blind and yes, I dare say dishonest. In the scope of just Prosecutorial Misconduct at the DOJ – a person needs only to search for that term to see that there are far too many examples of dishonest, illegally manipulative and extortionist acts by the DOJ staffers across the boards (US Marshals excepted). Hell, read the Schulke report on the late Sen Ted Stevens for a good foundational understanding of what happens daily in American proceedings – FISA is a system without any oversight and the DOJ runs like a wolf in a chicken coop. The wolf telling the farmer, “go to town, it’ll all be ok – trust me…..” The Merkeley amendment needs to be re-positioned and put back on the table – NOW. America should treat this as important as the Fiscal Cliff for its long-term effect on us.
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Jan 2, 2013