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I say complete BS to the people that talk about SKC being prolific floppers, for a few reasons: 1. Coach Peter Vermes just last week came out with a statement saying dropping at every touch is BAD and that the guys' focus is on the game. In fact, he discourages that behavior. 2. At the end of the game, what team ends up with the yellow card? 3. So there's the one free kick Sapong scores on. What other fouls were so critical that NYRB lost? I'd be happy to know. 4. You even hear Vermes saying after the game that there were a few potential PKs he could complain about, but he doesn't. If they truly were so obsessed with playing the diving game, he'd whine about those for ages. As to those who say SKC is a physical team- yeah, it's called a contact sport. At the point where the ref seems to be making fair calls, it's just another style of play.
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Sep 20, 2012