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I've experienced moderate and deep depression. It left a part of my mind still broken, but the moderate/deep depression is gone. I'm not offended by the suggestion that Aaron's sucide was wrong, or was a mistake, or was quitting. Depression is worse than almost anything. Would you kill yourself if you lost an arm and a leg? No? People kill themselves because being depressed is so painful. Even more depressed people would kill themselves, but they are too depressed. Because as well as pain, depression means a loss of judgement. Sometimes loss of judgement so severe that you have difficulty carrying out everyday tasks like stopping at red traffic lights, let alone planning and achieving suicide. It's not cruel or thoughtless to say that depressed people make bad judgements. It's a description of the condition. The loss of judgement is a thing that made my mind hurt. The hurt is a thing that caused loss of judgement. I don't know which comes first - the loss of judgement or the pain -- but the pain goes when the judgement comes back, and the judgement comes back when the pain goes. Would Aaron have been hurt or offended by the sugestion that suicide was quitting? Would telling him that suicide was immoral have been helpful? Is it OK to kill people who can't defend themselves? Was suicide the right answer for him in his situation? He was depressed. His judgement failed. You can't use his answers to those questions.
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One thing that made Usenet's threads work better than those of most discussion sites is that by default it showed the most recent messages at the top of the page. On those groups that followed the practice of re-posting the relevent context immedieately below the new text, it worked even better, and made it pretty easy to stay current with multiple conversations. Voice conversations don't restart at the top every time you contribute to the conversation, and they do allow you to easily restate the context on request. Twitter is a bit like this, and a bit like the old usenet groups (well, particularly like those groups that weren't dominated by the notoriously arrogant OS developers)
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