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Göran Sandström
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I'm one of those people who claim to hear a difference, but... I think it has to do mostly with some kinds of music, that have a very broad detailed spectrum (drum n' bass and idm). Also, the difference is the largest when listening on studio monitors, or my studio headphones, not to mention what a huge difference it makes when a DJ plays mp3's, the squelchy character of mp3 really shines through when playing at club systems, which for me means screeching resonances that hurt my ears. I know I'm a minority, when I go to certain shopping malls I have to leave because high frequency noises from flourescent tubes are giving me a headache. Now, I've studied acoustics oriented mathematics and data compression with audio applications at university, and I can say that, mp3 is most definetly optimized to the general population and for them, it no doubtetly works.
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Apr 14, 2013