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PhilanthroFest is a fantastic movement in Miami that I hope to see spread nationally! Here's a 5 minute discussion with Director Estrella Sibila about next week's DNI event on my radio program:
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Miami Beach is lucky to hold Mayoral elections every 2 years rather than 4 like most cities. Their new mayor has already scuttled a $1 Billion dollar completely vetted and approved project that would've enhanced tourism locally, and now he says that tech isn't the answer either. So Mayor Levine, if a new convention center isn't the answer, and tech isn't the answer, what is going to improve the economy of Miami Beach for anyone that's not a multi-millionaire already? Ed Koch's famous dictum comes to mind: "The Voters have spoken, now they shall be punished"
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Bring Back Art Kehoe
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Please please please fire SOMEBODY soon #Dolphins! I can't change this facebook profile pic of myself in a Dolphins shirt and a paper bag over my head, with a finger gun to my head (the just shoot me photo) until at least one Coordinator (we won't name names, but we all know which one) or Coach or someone in charge is fired.
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Udonis has always been a class act, a true hometown hero and the hardest working guy on the team. So glad the Heat family could take time to celebrate his 30th in style!
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Jun 9, 2010