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And then there are art cars such as The Camera Van. I saw my first art cars at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville during one of their annual art car weekends. I ran back to my car to get a better lens. Imagine seeing one of these cruising down the highway as the owner headed to the Derby City.
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I had not photographed cars much until this past summer when I found out there was a weekly car show on Saturday mornings at a local mall outside of Baltimore. People brought cars of all types from expensive late model exotics to historic vehicles in beautiful condition. I'm not much of a car nut these days but I still appreciate a great body design. Plus, I find some of the details of these cars endlessly fascinating. Each week I would bring a different camera and lens combination. One week it might be a big Nikon, the next it would be a MFT mirrorless. I quickly determined I did not want to be switching lenses all the time so this forced me to learn a given lens' strength and weaknesses for photographing the cars. It was also good practice at subject isolation, trying to keep as much of the background, people and general parking lot look out of the photos. I wanted the best of the photos to go beyond just a snapshot. More car photos are here: Flickr car show set
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Have you considered the NEX-7 for B&W? Kirk Tuck wrote a favorable article about the B&W files (straight from the camera, I believe). I also am pleased so far with the B&W conversions from raw files in Capture One (studio lit scenes). I may get even better results with my preferred B&W tool, Silver Efex Pro.
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Jun 19, 2012