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Wil, Thanks for taking the time to come out to our little Con again this year. After growing up in San Diego and seeing what happened out there, it's nice to have a more friendly Con for the fans. Thanks also for signing my Evil Wil Wheaton "The Code" shirt, it's going up in the game room while the normal "Code" shirt is now in normal rotation for wearing to work (thank goodness for casual offices!). Hope to catch your panel next year!
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Hey Wil, I saw lots of people asking, but no definite answer, but are you going to be at the Phoenix Comic-Con this year? I enjoyed seeing you there last year, and was hoping you'd host some more fun stuff again this year!
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I personally love to see how so much from Forbidden Zone made it into other Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo projects. His movie music certainly shows the DNA going back to Forbidden Zone and one of the coolest things in the Dilbert cartoon was the use of the Forbidden Zone music as the main theme.
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May 13, 2010