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"Speech recognition, no matter how good it might become, will never work for all aspects of human-computer-interaction." Insert any other form of input in place of "Speech recognition" and that statement is still true. Keyboards are not very helpful in image manipulation, the mouse/trackball is terrible for word processing and an X-box controller is not so hot for playing Guitar Hero. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, and speech recognition is no different. Actually the big difference is that each of those inputs has a very limited amount of information that needs to be processed... a keyboard only has so many keys, a mouse has X/Y coordinates and a few buttons, and a game controller has buttons, a control pad, analog stick, etc. But a voice is an audio stream of data that must be recorded, background noise filtered out, words must be parsed out, and without actually understanding the language it's impossible to differentiate between homophones. Considering the niche application of voice recognition, not a lot of people are concerned about solving those problems when other interfaces can be munged to work well. I think it's weird that everyone feels the needs to slam a technology as useless because it's not universally useful. Heck, even in Star Trek which is used as the quintessential example of voice recognition still had sophisticated textual/graphical interfaces that you didn't talk to.
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Jun 21, 2010