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thanks ( for the Rafer update )
on a positive note.....I'm really starting to like Dorrell's game. I've been badmouthing him for years now, so I suppose it's only fair that I show him some love when he's productive
can someone fill me in on the Rafer Alston chatter ? The Boston announcers were talking about it and I haven't heard anything.
I may be Haslem's biggest fan....but our entire offense consisted of give it to Wade and watch him go.... If Beasley was in there, we'd have had more options and spread their defense out a little more.
Spo is making Rothstein look like Red Auerback, John Wooden, and Knute Rockne reincarnated !!
I don't usually find myself on the same side as Sledge...but he has been singing Rondo's praises for years now
fricken' Richardson's technical foul cost us this game.....sure, our offense got stagnant, we couldn't stop Rondo, and Wade took every shot...but when you get a "T" in the final minute and the game ends up should get your balls put in a vice and let the other 14 guys tighten it up.
This does add more fuel to the Haslem vs Beasley thing...the other night Haslem wins it at the buzzer....this night its Beasley...I think Spo is getting the best out of both of them by playing them off each other.
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2009 on Heat 99, Magic 98 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
what a great game. I was happy just to be in it at the end since we were missing a starter and Wade couldn't find his shot, on the road against the defending conference win was just a bonus !!
I guess we weren't going to go undefeated forever....
what the heck is going on ??? we're shooting a better percentage on 3 pointers than on 2 pointers ?!?!?
I guess I spoke too soon
are my eyes deceiving me ?? we're growing the lead with Wade on the bench ?!?!?
you may be right about the hot dry air....maybe that's what it is.
The Suns medical/training staff must have some sort of magic potion. Last year was the first year Hill ever played 82 games..and he was 36 !!! Shaq played more games with the Suns than he did with the Heat...and Nash isn't slowing down a bit
I think Riley avoided Iverson because he's more concerned with developing Chalmers, Cook and Beasley than going deep in the playoffs this year. Iverson would probably make us better this year but his if his selfish, egocentric attitude rubbed off on the new guys, it would hurt the heat for the next 10 years
IT's on channel 607....I only have channels up to have a link to the game online ?
I'm going to check though...thanks for the tip !!
Billy....I have comcast..but I don't think I can even get the Free Preview....I don't have the digital package
anyone....anyone....Bueler...Bueler....a link to the game....anyone....
anyone have a link to the game online ? It's hard to be a Heat fan in Boston....the games are never televised up here.
that's great...thanks wouldn't happen to have a link to one that broadcasts in English would you ?!?!?!
I have to be at a soccer game for 7 year olds at 8:30 tomorrow morning....goodnight all...great game !