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Greensboro, NC
Husband, Father, Knitter, Worship Leader, Amateur Theologian, Musician, IT Professional, Ham Radio Op, Geocacher, Baseball Fan, Marathoner, Novelist, Poet
Interests: knitting, geocaching
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I swear I'm not making this up as a tie-in to Susan's inside-out knit toys.... But my favorite toys when I was a kid were my Transformers. The first one I got was always my favorite -- Hound: he transformed between a robot and a jeep. I loved rolling the jeep around the living room and obstacles that I created out of couch cushions and pillows. Over time, my brother and I assembled a good collection of Transformers and waged epic battles against each other. Plus, it was really fun to mix Transformers, Go-Bots, G I Joes, and Star Wars figures in the mix. We created a crazy universe. I've really got my fingers crossed on winning this giveaway. I've had Topsy-Turvy on my wishlist ever since I heard about it. Susan's designs are so much fun to knit: I've done Ribbit, Rabbit, and one of her hats. My daughter loves them! Plus, I've got the Spud and Chloe book and enough yarn in my stash to do several of the designs there. What fun going down memory lane and remembering some of my favorite toys. Thanks! -greg, drmellow on ravelry
A couple of months ago, I read a book called "Read This Before Our Next Meeting: The Modern Meeting Standard" (see my review on Goodreads here: It's right in line with what you're saying here, with more details/suggestions for moving your organization to a culture of only having meetings that are meaningful. One of the critical suggestions from the book is to not have a meeting when a conversation will suffice. I like that -- conversations are active and not nearly as disruptive to my schedule as meetings are.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2012 on Meetings: Where Work Goes to Die at Coding Horror
My best advice is to keep up with technological options for searching. For example, LinkedIn. I had neglected my profile for years. When I started looking to change jobs earlier this year, I updated my profile. Within a few months, I started getting unsolicited requests from companies who wanted to interview me. This sounds like a great book, I really enjoyed reading the blog.