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Gregg Brockway
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It's been quite a year. Before 2012 kicks into full gear, we wanted to take a moment to look back and celebrate the most recent leg of our journey together... Collectively, you've traveled more than 5 billion miles! That's more... Continue reading
Posted Dec 28, 2011 at TripIt Blog
In 2009 we started talking about the concept of a “traveler-centric future.” What we meant was that the needs of travelers would increasingly drive innovation because fundamental technology trends like mobility, social networking, and open data offered powerful new opportunities... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2011 at TripIt Blog
It’s an exciting time to be a traveler. Coming from a history of lugging manila folders and paper receipts with me on the road, I know other travelers are just as amped as I am that there are smarter and... Continue reading
Posted Aug 24, 2011 at TripIt Blog
I'm pleased to share we've reached the next mile marker in TripIt and Concur's journey together. As you may remember from previous posts in January and February, we’ve been hard at work integrating the best of both worlds to make... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2011 at TripIt Blog
The big news I’m honored to share with you today is that TripIt will be the single go-forward mobile app offered to all Concur clients and their employees. Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2011 at TripIt Blog
TripIt’s mission to help “decrease the chaos, and increase the peace” for every traveler and business in the world just got a huge boost. Today, we signed an agreement to be acquired by Concur (Nasdaq: CNQR) in a $120 million transaction. For those not familiar with Concur, it’s a company we’ve long admired that provides integrated expense and travel management solutions. Founded in 1993, they’re now a company with annual revenues of $300MM, a market cap of $3B, and over 10,000 companies and 15 million people around the world using their services. Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2011 at TripIt Blog
It’s amazing to think that we’ve traveled all the way to the end of 2010. The time has really flown by! Before I get into the details of this incredible year, I want to take a moment to thank all... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2010 at TripIt Blog
It’s already been a busy week at TripIt, with the launch of TripIt Groups and our Hotwire partnership. Today, we’re pleased to share with you that we have closed on a third round of funding, a whopping $7 million from... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2010 at TripIt Blog
Two days ago, Haiti was struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Many people have died and millions more are in need of immediate emergency support in order to survive this disaster. We encourage anyone to support the relief efforts in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2010 at TripIt Blog
The mobile, social networking, and new web trends we’ve discussed are helping to bring about a Traveler-Centric Future. Once upon a time, business travel, leisure travel, and social networks all occupied neat, distinct spaces in the world. Today, these spaces... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2009 at TripIt Blog
Like mobile technology and social networks, the web itself is evolving to become more open and accessible. Up until now, the Internet has provided a wealth of information for people, but the information has been almost entirely invisible to machines.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2009 at TripIt Blog
Since we launched TripIt Pro in July, we’ve been inundated with requests from travelers outside the U.S. who wanted to sign up for the service. While we’re sorry to make you wait, we’re happy to announce that TripIt Pro is... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2009 at TripIt Blog
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being the guest keynote speaker at Promedia’s The Beat Live conference. The title of my talk was “The Traveler Centric Future”. It was about how the convergence of mobile, social networking and interoperability of... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2009 at TripIt Blog
We'd love to build a Facebook app soon, but we'd also be happy if someone beat us to it!
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2009 on The TripIt Traveler Profile is live at TripIt Blog