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If we cannot try him, then just keep him it Gitmo til he dies or gets better. Or let him escape. Then again, I am sure he committed some crimes against Iraq. Take him there and try him for those. They swiftly put justice on Saddam's neck.
CNN panel was discussing about how he may been harassed. Again, it's our fault this happens. Makes me sick.
I made the mistake of going to the CafeSendito website. What a bunch of leftist leaning folks they have over there! I saw the word "radical" used in more ways in one article that I ever saw before. Articles on food insecurity (which if anything is caused by planting crops so that we can burn them instead of eat them), how bad this Hoffman thing is for the GOP (which they should be cheering for), and how this one election shows how these Republicans are "abandon"ing the GOP (bunch of garbage/rash generalization). This is a case where the party leaders picked the candidate, not the registered GOP voters in the district. We have the same thing here with the anointed Governor Crist getting primaried by the much more conservative (and better candidate) Marco Rubio.
That may be, PMK, but it is much easier when you know you have approval from USA.