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Thank you for sharing Jeff. Seriously, thank you. As software professionals or computer enthusiasts we love to carve the world up into smaller and smaller digital slices and binary decisions. The real "analog" world is rarely so simple. Personally, I find it difficult to understand our emotions, feelings and reactions - let alone share them with others. Kudos to you for being able to write your experiences down in an approachable way for others. It is interesting to me see how this story affects each of your virtual friends. I don't necessarily disagree with some of the "colder" comments of abusing the legal system with emotional manipulation and I am simultaneously touched by the sympathy and support extended by others - myself included. You share a name with my older brother who passed away tragically a few years back - something I still wrestle with. He is one of my heroes. Just like the dad in your experience reading to his son. This world needs more heroes - not less. And yet it seems no one can escape this tragic event. I draw strength and support like Robert Shelline does - from - Next time two young men or women knock on your door, please invite them in for a discussion. I am certainly not asking you (or anyone reading this blog) to convert or even expecting you to... I just can just relate my own personal experience that it has made a real difference in my life. Particularly in dealing with things that don't fall into those inconveniently sized digital buckets we love to use.
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Sep 27, 2012