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I learned C in 1992, never liked it . In 1998 i programmed an extensive algorithm, that grew a neural network using genetic algorithm and really fast regression..I programmed it in C++. I was new to OO. It took 6 weeks of reading up on C++, 6 weeks of design and 6 weeks of implementation. it worked, it performed really well and fast on any data I threw at it. I think if i had to write it in C or structured programming language, it would take 6 months min..and would have 0 reusability. I dont even want to think about it.. I have an estimate of the structured time, because I wrote parts in Matlab and had to piece the things together , so i have an idea of how long things took in an interpreted envirnoment..which is fast.. but not powerful. Amongst other, I used a composite design pattern, going 4 levels deep. Try and do this in structured programming.. is like a recursive function , where you would have to pass whole trees of data down.and each element would need to know which part of the tree data it can change...would be a nightmare..not that it can't be done..and with powerful libraries should be possible..but back then the internet had only just begun and such libaries were few in between and the best ones were all written in C++ in any case..probably for the same reason. Now I would use C# because of garbage collection etc.. Yes horrible OO is probably like structured code with GOTO, but good OO is sometimes like magic compared to structured.
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Feb 9, 2011