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The SPLC is a criminal organization . They have millions in off shore bank accounts. Read how Daniel Greenfield was surprised when he was designated as a hate group byu the SPLC. TC you have been wrongly subjected to the same smear locally. Franken should resign !!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on The Franken Mess at Triad Conservative
What a shame. The damage gas been done. I hope it can be healed but the polls show Roy Moore cratering. Sad, sad, sad.
It would be now fitting to hang a hammer & sickle banner on the wall in the chambers of city council.
And sadly this is for four years
Solution: Make this required reading in high school and college:
Glad to hear it is drawing such good crowds locally. I plan to take it in, Do you know how it has done nationally ?
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2017 on "Let There Be Light" at Triad Conservative
Sam was there when I first set foot on the campus. Here is Julian Carr's speech at the dedication of the memorial. “Thy Troy is fallen; thy dear land Is marred beneath the spoiler’s heel; I cannot trust my trembling hand To write the things I feel." “Unveiling of Confederate Monument at University. June 2, 1913” Fred Gregory Class of 1962
How High-Speed Car Chases Became a Citywide Pastime in Los Angeles
AG Jeff Sessions could nullify the informants's NDA he signed under Obama's DOJ . Period !
Would President Trump veto such a measure ?
God for you Doug. Some of are trapped in this cesspool for a variety of reasons. Revolution !
Karma is slow but sure
Hooray for Poland. I for one, would welcome Macron's criticism of US policy which denied immigrants as proposed by Trump. Let him eat cake.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2017 on Good-bye, Europe at Triad Conservative
" Why bother to vote , it only encourages them " Brooks Hays, former Congressman from Arkansas
I am considering not voting for the first time in my adult life !
They really are what he says they are. Period !!
Joe: You should know since you have the victim of this demonization
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2017 on How True at Triad Conservative
One word, Joe. AMEN !!!!
Stein is a punk. Don't try Googling him ... nothing but paeans would be found
Yes. Jeff Phillps should just say NO !
I know Joe Arpaio. Over the last several years I have spoken with him at his home regarding a matter of justice being served in NY. I asked Joe to write a letter to the NY Parole board objecting to the release of the killer of a DEA Agent's son who was a NYPD Sgt. Joe did it twice. God bless him and his wife Ava. So happens Joe's brother worked for me when I was with DEA. Darn right it was a Constitutional pardon unlike Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich ( at the time the world's most wanted man ) and commuting the sentences many major drug dealers like Carlos Vignali who just happened to be represented by Hilary's brother Hugh Rodham. The wife of the Federal judge that convicted Joe was overheard saying in a public place that her husband had vowed to do everything he could to prevent the sheriff from being reelected. Thanks to President Trump for this pardon for an 85 year old man who spent 50 plus years in law enforcement . It clearly was a right and noble act.